Why would Charles Darwin love Russia?

Why would Charles Darwin love Russia?

It is not by chance that the North Korean “beloved comrade” at one time preferred the railroad to go on a visit to Moscow – he probably wanted to get indelible impressions from the vast expanses and beauty of the Russian land. For sure, received. The most, that neither is, indelible.

Charles Darwin would also be happy to travel to Russia by train if he had the opportunity. But since Charles Darwin still has some difficulties with leaving Westminster Abbey, I am pleased to tell you about the feelings he felt from such a journey.

All lovers in Russia are somewhat similar to each other, and therefore it is easy for me to express my thoughts for Charles Darwin. Take my word for it – he would have supported me.

Charles Darwin would have been at the station long before the train departed – Russian stations always liked him with his businesslike bustle and anxious-joyful expectation. I liked the artless contrasts of Russians’ emotions – from the complete indifference of the unshaven physiognomy of the loaders to the swollen eyelids from the tears of the sad eyes of the mourners.

He would have walked leisurely along the platform, inhaling a purely Russian mixture of tobacco smoke with a taste of fried patties and complex smells of the station. Be sure to walk along the train far away from the crowd, enjoying only the favorite smell of the railway. Russian railways smell of travel and an endless desire to start over.

“There were five minutes left before the departure of the train,” the conductor of the car would say, but only Charles Darwin would have heard the countdown command to the start to exciting new – to the meeting with the vast and mysterious Russia each time.

Russia always meets all the guests openly and cordially, often not embarrassed by its untidiness. But Charles Darwin would not have paid attention to this. He would have seen a blue sky with white clouds, lambs floating so low above the ground that it seems – just about, a little more, and lamb-clouds are already starting to jump on the green grass race against each other.

He would have been seized by the suddenly opened grandiose panorama of the majestic tranquility of the centuries-old forests, which go to a distant horizon. With a smile and a few eyes that were wet with emotion, he would have looked at the tanned children sitting on the stumps of freshly mown grass and waving their hands in a friendly manner.

For a moment, feeling like a child, Charles Darwin would cling to the window window of the car, trying to see what color their train has electric or blue or green? Just like in childhood, he would have made two wishes – for blue and green. And both are good.

“Thank you,” Charles Darwin whispered back when he saw the “Happy Way!” Planted on flowers on a high slope along the railroad tracks.

He would have smiled good-naturedly, looking at an unpretentious structure, with a proudly laid out date of construction, and sincerely rejoiced for the 11th grade, which, with his inscription in the same building, informed the world about the successful completion of the secondary school.

The observant glance of a mature naturalist, Charles Darwin, would at every moment notice the striking diversity of what is happening in this truly mysterious country.

From the window of a racing train he would see more and more interesting pictures from the life of Russians, like leafing through a thick magazine with marvelous photos. His observations would be recorded in a marching notebook, collecting material for a future book about his beloved Russia.

Charles Darwin would not have set himself the task of traveling through Russia, to find some evidence of his attachment to this country. Love does not need confirmation. Love just live.

Already falling asleep under the measured knocking of the wheels and remembering what he saw the day, Charles Darwin would once again have lived, would have felt such a good day spent together with Russia.

He would have dreamed how, while visiting ordinary Russians from the countryside, he would sit at a festive table on the occasion of his arrival and listen to interesting stories from the life of the village.

They would all joke around jokingly that “Theory of species conservation” is in full swing in Russia – you do not need to be just educated and well-read, but you should only be smart – be able to adapt well. And what are the conditions of the habitat – these and properties need to be developed for a person to live well in Russia.

They would laugh kindly at the wonderful Russian women that those who do not know the “Theory of the appearance of species”, their new preferences for men create new Russians as a species.

Perhaps, before midnight, they would tell each other funny and instructive stories. Laughing would be from everyday anecdotes … A merry dream would have dreamed of Charles Darwin. Good!

Why would Charles Darwin love Russia? For the fact that she simply is in the world. That’s all.

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