Why in the house a cactus?

Why in the house a cactus?

The cactus is a disillusioned cucumber in life.
From observations of the pessimist.

If you already have a lot of plants, and you have not decided on a pet, it’s time to think about … a home cactus. Scientists have found a cacti gene present in leafy so that evolutionarily cactus is a plant that has undergone some adaptation to natural conditions. In general, such a disappointed in his life cucumber, but because he fenced off from the world with a lot of thorns. By the way, the very word “cactus” comes from the Greek “cactus”, denoting any plant with spines. Thistle, in a word.

Botany, however, adhere to a different point of view about the functionality of its spines: they are needed to use moisture as sparingly as possible, and not at all in order to stab guests, children and pets.

In the cactus there is something mysterious, charming and attractive by its singularity. Judge for yourself, what associations do you have with this “prickly miracle”? I think I will not make a big mistake if I mention the first five:

• desert
• tequila
• computer
• narcotic
• Castaneda

As for the desert, everything is right: cacti originates from South America, 40 years ago. Perhaps then they looked more like a Saguaro of 15 meters high and weighing 6 tons (one of the largest cacti in the world).

Fortunately, there are many other kinds of cacti that will perfectly fit into the interior of any apartment.

But do not expect to get tequila for free-it is not made from cactus at all, but from agave (a succulent is very much like a cactus).

It’s funny with a computer. Many people still believe that if you put a cactus somewhere near the monitor, then this small spiny lump will absorb all the harm from electromagnetic radiation. And if this provokes a skeptical grin, you know that in fact it is very serious. All theoretically justified, and even counted the number of needles in an ideal cactus, reflecting the electromagnetic signal. However, one cactus can not be dispensed with: it is necessary to purchase a mini-collection of five pieces at once and arrange them in the form of a regular pentagon around the monitor. Only then you will have a chance to confirm the theory with practice and create an electromagnetic screen.

Well, but the fact that Mexicans and not only they used cacti for the same purposes as the Vikings – fly agarics, this is a well-known fact that Castaneda used in his books. Lophophora williamsii is indeed a hallucinogen, however, for this he needs as much sun as, thank God, not in every corner of our country there is.

In fact, the list of legends and beliefs surrounding cacti can continue. But for a cactus to become really your favorite, you need to accept it as it is: with a thick stalk, where it collects moisture, with spines and “smart” roots that help it to extract and use rationally.

Taking care of this plant, you will certainly appreciate that it will calmly transfer your summer vacation and even autumn depression, not to mention the cold winter (which, however, will have to be arranged on the windowsill with a screen of any improvised material). Cacti hibernate in a cold dry hibernation, preparing in the spring to please you with amazing colors.

The fact that cacti do not blossom is another myth. Like all living things, cacti love attention to themselves. Yes, they do not have to be watered in the winter, but this does not mean that they can be pushed under the bed and forgotten until the spring (you will not get it in mind with respect to the turtle?). It is during the winter that cacti gather strength to give us spring and not prickly inflorescence. Agree, it happens so by the way!

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