Who played women, or Hello, I’m your aunt!

Who played women, or Hello, I’m your aunt!

As one aphorism goes, “women are capable of everything, men are for everything else.” About the fact that men are capable of “everything else”, we do not doubt, but are they able to at least some time to be a woman? No, it’s not about secret fantasies or changing sexual orientation. Just want to remember the famous desperate men, whom we at least once saw … in a dress.

This whole story with the transformations of a woman began a long time ago. Even Sophocles, having set his own tragedy “Navsikaya,” he played the role of the main character. Next – the Shakespeare Theater and, of course, Kabuki. Togo required tradition: all roles were performed only by men, and women on the stage were forbidden to appear. However, the bans gradually became obsolete, and the interest of the stronger sex to feel in the opposite role remained.

Most modern male actors strongly object to the “female component” of their nature and assures that women play, guided by purely professional skills. Few people remember that Charlie Chaplin himself made a short film “Woman.” In this picture, the “great mute” portrayed a skinny meager from the common people who fights with an umbrella, tightens his skirt and jumps high before chasing him. It was this role Chaplin inspired and helped Alexander Kalyagin, by his own admission, get used to the role of Aunt Charlie in the movie “Hello, I’m your aunt!”.

Ability to wear women’s clothing, especially high-heeled shoes, for many men was one of the most difficult tasks that had to be overcome in the role. Kalyagin, for example, “made a woman’s outfit very diligently, practically without removing it even at lunchtime.” And Oleg Tabakov, who played the role of Klava’s saleswoman in the play “Always on Sale” (Sovremennik Theater), struck everyone with a bright make-up, huge beads and looseness with which his heroine put a foot on a stool and straightened pantyhose. Then Tabakov created on the screen a colorful (though, in my opinion, unnecessarily grotesque) mistress of Mrs. Andrew in the film “Mary Poppins, goodbye!”. In the actor’s arsenal of Nikolai Karachentsov – several female roles at once: in the film “Auction” and the picture “Good luck to you, gentlemen.” In the latter he played a real man who, due to life circumstances, was forced to change into a woman and participate in a beauty contest, going to the podium. Naturally, the stilettos.

But the hairpin to the address of such actors, changing clothes in a dress, no one will not dare to start. The aforementioned “aunt Charlie from Brazil, where in the forests there are many, many wild monkeys” – one of the best roles Kalyagin. To his popularity in this role, the actor is philosophical: “Now the third generation has grown up, which knows me precisely on the film” Hello, I’m your aunt! “- he states quietly. – If you speak Chekhov’s language, then, when they say: “Kalyagin is dead!”, Immediately go: and, this is the same aunt Charlemy! “.

Oscar Wilde said: “If you want to find out what a woman really thinks, look at her, but do not listen.” Subtly noticed, but, for example, on the stage it does not work. Akhmadulina, Novodvorskaya and especially Renata Litvinova in the performance of Maxim Galkin, who has not changed his image – this is not so much to watch as to listen to. But other humorists also master the female appearance with all its attributes: Yury Stoyanov from Gorodok, Yuri Galtsev, and then unknown actor Andrey Danilko became successful only because of his Verka Serdyuchka.

But Western artists and actors also did not lag behind us and have long “put on a dress”. In the film “In Jazz Only Girls”, Marilyn Monroe herself was not able to attract more attention than “women” performed by Jack Lemmon (Daphne) and Tony Curtis (Josephine). On the role of Josephine periodically turned back into a man, but Jack Lemmon remained faithful to his heroine to the end.Daphne, after offering her hands and heart dancing, lying on the bed – this, of course, is the apotheosis of reincarnation.

And the unemployed actor in the film “Tutsi” (Dustin Hoffman), transformed into a woman, suddenly realizes that in this guise, he is much more fortunate and more interesting for others and employers. “Dorothy – she’s smarter than me,” he admits, carefully combing her wig. But in addition to money and popularity, there are many previously unknown women’s problems: what to wear for dinner, how to fight off the molestation of men and whether for a long time to be “just a girlfriend” for a beloved girl.

But Dorothy is actually more attractive than Dustin Hoffman in person, which can not be said about the “lady” in the films “The House of the Big Mom” ​​and “The House of the Big Mom-2”. Actor Martin Lawrence turned into a fat black Mom, but even this, almost always a winning metamorphosis, did not bring popularity to the films. I do not know, the truth, as John Travolta himself will look, which, according to the latest information, will act in a female role in the film “Hairspray”. The 52-year-old actor will play … the mother of the main character – a teenage girl who dreams of becoming a dancer. “Pulp Fiction”, as we remember, the actor glorified and his amazing dance, so that several of the crown movements of “daughter” Travolta can show.

In the film of the same name, Mel Gibson (though not dressing for this in a dress) tried to understand “what a woman wants.” I must say that even if I have penetrated into intimate women’s thoughts, it is very difficult to understand this. And many men in the main “female” roles did not go through only one, but also the main test – a test of love. “Aunt” Kalyagin tore her dress when she saw the girl of her dreams; “Heroine” Hoffman, throwing everything, immediately turned back to Michael, barely realizing that he could lose love … So, dear men, do not have to think long what the woman wants. She wants the same thing you love. Well, plus a “yellow dress” from the wardrobe of the fashionista Dorothy.

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