Who is a successful person, or How can I not be regarded as a pathetic loser?

Who is a successful person, or How can I not be regarded as a pathetic loser?

We continue to master and comprehend the simple tricks of the beginning careerist. Have you ever wondered why this is the only thing obtained from the first time, quickly and almost effortlessly? Once they only show their radiant face, how luck itself floats in their hands. But for the others, though turn out on the wrong side, it still does not work!

The whole secret is that these same ones, that is, the first ones, are able to look successful, even if they are not. And really, ask yourself, do you want to conduct business with a person, if at first glance it is clear that he is a loser? Do not want to? And rightly so. And if you look like that? ..

And from here the first rule for today: the foundation of the foundations of any career is the ability to create the illusion that you are accompanied by success in everything. And then, through the complex plexuses of cause-effect relationships, success will really come! And therefore the most important thing in your career – whatever you want, even stand on your head, but create the illusion of success!

For the beginning of our educational program, it would be nice to go to those places where there are all kinds of careerists and people who have reached any heights. These are elite clubs, fashionable premieres, bohemian parties and other places from the same row. And, having got there, turn your head to three hundred and sixty degrees – notice and remember manners, habits, gestures, fashionable words, intonations – everything. Up to preferred drinks.

By the way, about drinks. A successful person is fed up. Therefore, even if you have not eaten black caviar for three years, but see the lobster for the first time in your life – do not pounce on the deficit. And if you do not know how to approach this lobster, generally refuse to venture to eat it. You are not in a position where you can afford to experiment.

Well, finally, the most important thing. Real careerists are in no hurry and everywhere are in time. Therefore, even if you are terribly late for a business meeting, at the doors of the office you need, slow down. You must enter without dyspnea, with a calm face. Apologize for the delay is, but do it with a Nordic smile on your face, without extra squats.

Do not make excuses or explain the reasons. Successful people always do not agree on something. They are strong, optimistic, and iron-confident.

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