Where to rest in the Krasnodar Territory?

Where to rest in the Krasnodar Territory?

In the summer everyone goes somewhere to rest. Someone prefers foreign exotic countries, and someone travels around Russia. Many residents of our country most of all in the heart of the rest on the Black Sea coast, on such well-known and beloved Russian resorts of the Krasnodar Territory as Anapa, Sochi, Gelendzhik. Today I will tell you he is them.


Anapa is located in the southwestern part of the Krasnodar Territory, at the junction of the Greater Caucasus and the Taman Peninsula. This explains the amazing diversity of the landscape in the resort: from the Caucasian foothills, covered with mixed forest, to the plain plateau on which the ancient Anapa is located, and the low-lying Taman plains alternating with the sea estuaries. All this natural diversity unites the Black Sea, along the coast of which the resort extends more than 80 km. The sea near Anapa is the most environmentally friendly in the Black Sea basin.

Rest in Anapa is: 40 km of sandy beaches and 10 km of pebbly beaches; the healing climate is simultaneously foothill-steppe and mild Mediterranean; the most valuable curative hydrosulphuric mud in the sanatoriums of Anapa, the coarse mud of “volcanoes”, four types of medicinal underground mineral waters for therapeutic and table drinking, hydrogen sulphide, iodine, bromine high mineralized waters and brine for baths, thousands of hectares of vineyards.


Gelendzhik resort is located on the shore of a secluded bay among the majestic spurs of the Main Caucasian ridge. Dressed in a pine outfit, the streets of the city go down the slopes to the very edge of the surf, as if repeating the path of mountain streams and rivulets. It seems that Nature has paid special attention to Gelendzhik, striving to create a beautiful and cozy place, reliably protected from all adversities.

Mountains and the sea, nature and climate – everything is in balance and harmony and promotes recreation in Gelendzhik. Perhaps, that is why there are especially many monuments of nature and history in the vicinity of Gelendzhik.


Even if you do not know the redemption, you can just relax in Sochi … The best sanatoriums and resorts of the resort of Sochi will gladly accept you.
Touching the golden sand with your fingers, you will admire the sea open spaces and lazily reflect on the rest in Turkey for next year.

I think you will decide where you will go this summer. Do you like the golden sands? Anapa is waiting for you. Do you like pebbles more? Excellent, then your choice is Tuapse or Gelendzhik. In the latter there are a lot of sights, so you will have something to see. Well, and if the wallet allows, definitely go to improve health in Sochi.
Have a nice holiday!

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