Where to find a freelancer job?

Where to find a freelancer job?

Literally a couple of years ago, the so-called freelance portals and message boards (“freelancer” – a freelancer) existed mostly only in the English-speaking Internet. However, for these few years and ru-no, this so interesting and the most important rapidly developing trend has been picked up, thus giving specialists of different directions (although mainly IT spheres) a relatively easy way to earn and accordingly creating for employers another way to find performers for their projects.

Who is a freelancer? He is a professional in his field, a mercenary in execution, looking for a way to earn extra money (and sometimes find permanent earnings on a “project-based” basis) without the formalities and difficulties associated with finding an “official” workplace.

Of course, some may object to a multitude of arguments, including the low security of such transactions and the frequent lack of guarantees, but this will not be the case here. Freelancers exist, and their vast number, which is confirmed by the fact that there is also a large number of customers seeking professional services for their projects on freelance message boards.

Currently there are a small number of such portals in the ru-net, and only a couple of them have a really extensive user base (both freelancers and employers). All freelance sites provide relatively the same services, which are distinguished only by the detailed elaboration of their implementation, which is expressed both in the ways of safe conduct of transactions, and in the overall structure and functionality of these portals.

What is a freelance portal?
I think it’s easiest to describe its main aspects:

– Registration of users in a single database (freelancers and employers)
– Ability of freelancers to present their resume in presentable form
– Ability of customers and employers to post ads
+ Ads for one-off projects (the basis of any freelance portal)
+ Ads on recruiting for a permanent job (vacancies also have a place)

These are the basics of almost any freelance portal to date, however, each of these sites is, of course, carried out various improvements for a better functionality. For example, many portals provide a function that facilitates the safe conduct of transactions, which ensures the exchange “from hand to hand” at the virtual level, minimizing the risk of transactions.

What is the optimality of freelance work from the point of view of the freelancer?
– A wide range of required services and a real opportunity to show their abilities.
– Working in the warmth and comfort of your own home maximizes working capacity. Some may argue that this can only lead to unprofessional attitudes toward work, however, a real professional, a freelancer who knows his business and takes it seriously (as well as to the money that he asks for his services) will never allow his domestic environment to be put to sleep their vigilance.
– The ability to use your own computer and all your own software, without the need to get used to something new or to master an unusual workplace.

There are more such pluses, but I think that it is also worthwhile to answer another question: what are the advantages of piece-by-stage fulfillment of orders for the employer?
– Extensive audience of specialists providing their services, which entails the opportunity to choose the freelancer that is most suitable for a particular project.
– Possibility to carry out turnkey projects without prepayment. Many freelancers take full payment for the executed order only after the full completion of all work.
– Possibility to choose the lowest payment for the project, due to the competition of the proposals of many freelancers.

As in the previous case, there are more such aspects, as evidenced by the rapidly growing bases of freelance ru-net portals and long-standing lists of freelancers and customers on portals outside.

As a practical conclusion, I think it is worthwhile to cite the example of freelance portals both from ru-net and from outside it:

http://weblancer.net/ – the fastest growing and functional freelance portal ru-neta.
http://scriptlance.com/ – only one of the most attractive English-speaking portals.

I’ll keep the rest of the freelance sites at your discretion.
Dare, future freelancers!

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