What was done with the brain of Einstein after his death?

What was done with the brain of Einstein after his death?

March 14, 1879 in the German city of Ulm was born Albert Einstein. As a child, he did not give any signs of genius, and his father, the manager of the electrochemical plant, took the wise step, instructing the child to teach his brother, and in combination, co-managing. However, algebra and geometry did not really appeal to the young man, they demanded perseverance and great effort to memorize. Theoretical physics is a different matter! It allowed to have more space for the flight of thought, and put the “beginner” genius one or two steps higher than those who taught him. In his scientific research, they were clearly weak …

However, it is reliably established that the Polytechnic Federal School in Zurich, which Albert attended, did not really attract him. Passes in the classroom became increasingly frequent, and to the careless student the reputation of a completely incompetent young man was tightened. When the school course was left behind, young Albert no one wanted to hire, doubting that Einstein would not screw anything up.

However, there is nothing surprising – something that does not attract the student, becomes a dark forest for him, frightens him and discourages any desire to wade through the jungle of knowledge incomprehensible to the lantern. In the end, they gave up on Einstein, and if it were not for the love of the Serbian Mileva Maric, who was studying with the future genius at the physics faculty in Zurich, the world would hardly have known about the theory of relativity and other fundamental works of the great scientist. But Milev firmly believed that Albert could be made a man, and her efforts were rewarded. At the time of the first real love, Einstein was ready to turn the whole world for Milev!

True, they were not lucky with the children. The eldest daughter was born with Down’s syndrome and the mother gave her to a shelter for defective children. They say that papa never visited her like that. One of the two sons – Edward finished his life in a madhouse, and the second, Hans Albert, was a professor of civil engineering at the University of California.

However, the marriage with the Miles has broken her terrible, but not without baseless jealousy. Because Einstein could well become the author of the theory of relative fidelity, because he liked to show off before young enthusiastic admirers, often transgressing the laws of decency. But the hot Serb did not forgive her husband disrespect for himself. Well, the genius was picked up by Albert’s cousin Elsa, for whom the word “incest” did not seem to be something like a huge abyss.

About women in the life of Einstein written whole treatises, but much less we know about where after his death the brains of the great scientist have disappeared.

April 18, 1955 about one in the morning: a scientist exploded the aorta and stopped the heart. The body of Einstein was cremated, and ashes were scattered over the Delaware River. And the brain of the deceased was preserved for medical research; some scientists hoped to find in him the key to his genius.

It is noteworthy that Einstein himself did not give any specific instructions about his brain during his lifetime. But the pathologist Thomas Harvey decided in his own way, and after the autopsy suddenly asked the heartbroken Hans Albert, can he explore his father’s brain? Tom, of course, everything was already indifferent, he said only: do what you want! The main thing, if there will be some results, they will have to be printed in scientific journals! “

By the way, after a while, one of Thomas Harvey’s acquaintances noticed that he kept Einstein’s brain in a bank that stood in the basement his house, then he divorced his wife and left, and the brain was still there. “Abandoned spouse allegedly exclaimed:” I want someone to save me from this diabolical thing! “But most likely it was a duck , because Harvey practically did not part with the brain of Einstein on, I drove him everywhere along.

Of course, from the very beginning it was a grandiose scam, because neither by that time, nor now scientists have deduced the formula, how much the size of the brain affects intellect.

So the “dead brain” would hardly be useful for scientific experiments. Although it is necessary to pay tribute to Harvey, he did not do business on it, although some American and European millionaires offered to purchase the brain from some. And although Thomas did sections of the brain and sent them to researchers from academic institutions in America, Germany, Japan, China and other countries, but did not take money for it, except for postage costs.

More than half a century has passed since the death of Einstein. And yet no scientist has failed to surprise the world with a scientific sensation. Although, you know, many literally puffed it! There are allegations that in the brain of Einstein more “cells of genius” than others. This is a theory, but in practice, scientists have found out that the brain of Einstein is 15 percent wider than the average.

And I want to finish this story with a vivid observation of the equally brilliant Polish aphorist Jerzy Stanislaw Lets. Once a fan asked a satirist: “It’s probably very difficult to invent everything from the head?” To which Lets immediately gave out: “It’s hard, but I think that it would be even more difficult from the foot”. Every man is a genius in his own way. But does everyone know how to use it for one hundred percent? I doubted that this task is on the shoulder – the brain rests! Overly adapt to the general opinion – he will not strain! And most importantly – do not try to solve other people’s problems for others! Is it possible to get into the skin of another person and see the world through his eyes ?!

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