What to take with you on a camping trip?

What to take with you on a camping trip?

So, you finally succumbed to the persuasion of another enthusiastic romantic – a friend, relative or lover, and decided to try their hand at walking. If you are a typical city dweller, used to communicate with wildlife at most on a picnic in the nearest forest plantation, where you can easily reach by car – a lot of unpleasant surprises are waiting for you. For example, nature can be much more wild than you expected, and it’s impossible to interrupt bored communication with it on demand.

I recommend in advance to learn in detail the route of the future hike and carefully track the map, how far it passes from the nearest settlements. You can survive one rainy night in the mountains if you know that the next morning you will go down to the village, where a regular bus will take you to meet the sun and the blue sky. But imagine that before the village – a few days’ journey. And the rain does not stop …

When exploring the route, pay attention to the terrain of the terrain – the path along the plain takes much less time and effort than climbing the cliffs and climbing through the windbreak. I also recommend that you take a closer look at the group with whom you intend to go camping, especially to the leader. How much does he gravitate towards extreme? How ready is it to take into account the capabilities of each participant? It happens that it’s already getting dark, everyone is tired, and the leader’s optimism is still not going to run out, and he is trying to bring you to the planned point by all the truths and crooks, even if straight through Everest.

Adequately assess your physical shape so as not to become a burden to the entire group. Can you walk at high speed on rough terrain all day, from morning till night? With a backpack at half your weight? And if bad weather? Do not forget that even if you feel unwell, at the very least, you still need to get to the nearest village with a medical center. However, not everything is so terrible: there are special rescue services, which in a critical situation will take you from the top of the same Everest. Therefore, be sure to take a mobile phone with you on a hike, which will include only in case of emergency (there is nowhere to charge!)

What is necessary to take a camping trip? Needless to say, a backpack. The volume of the backpack is measured in liters. A stuffed backpack can seem huge and awkward, but not be heavy – a lot of space is occupied by a sleeping bag and clothes. Try to compare the volume that will occupy the necessary things in the hike, with your physical capabilities. A rucksack of 40 liters will suit a fragile girl or a teenager, an average man – 80-100 liters.

In addition to the backpack, the classic arsenal of the tourist includes a tent, sleeping bag and rug. In a tent, usually a few people fit and to her choice should be approached very, very carefully, so let’s assume that someone else is taking the tent. Rug and sleeping bag – things are individual. The rug is placed on the bottom of the tent to protect from the damp earth-mother, and above it – the sleeping bag. You can wrap yourself in a sleeping bag yourself, but you can connect it with a “zipper” with a neighbor to keep the heat. All these reasons can in principle be borrowed from friends staying at home, or rented in a tourist club.

In addition to personal belongings, each participant’s backpack is also staffed with public goods such as a boiler, an ax, a first aid kit, etc. , , etc. Do not forget to leave a place for this baggage !!

Lay back your rucksack, taking into account the order in which you need these or other things. For example, the jacket should lie on top, but the sleeping bag, which is useful only in the evening, can be put on the bottom. In general, packing a backpack is a whole art! I emphasize only general points: the load should be distributed evenly and the backpack should turn out to be symmetrical streamlined shape.

And a little about personal things.In a well-organized campaign there is a “campfire”, “manager”, “medic” – people responsible for a certain field of activity and having all the necessary equipment and materials. However, “the birch god protects”. I’m not saying that you have to carry your own cauldron in reserve, but, for example, a spare box of matches is never superfluous. The same applies to medicines and food. I always take an individual first aid kit with me, someone is stocked with pechenyushki and candies, without which life is not nice …

Flashlight, penknife, utensils – a thousand little things! I think it makes no sense to remind that a porcelain dish from a grandmother’s service is inappropriate in a hike, it’s best to take enamel or plastic utensils, unbreakable and light.

The last item is clothing. Even in July, on the southern coast of Crimea, you can use an inflatable windbreaker with a hood or down jacket, as well as a warm woolen sweater, socks and pants – best of all, ski pants.
I know when the sun shines in the yard and the asphalt melts, the first thought is why? These things I hardly need, just drag an extra load! Believe me, the weather is deceptive and capricious, especially in the mountains. When you are the third night to freeze at a fire burning under a rainstorm, or even without it at all, you still remember the fur hat left at home, and a swimsuit, accidentally pulled out from the backpack, will cause a fit of hysterical laughter. So, the basic rule of camping clothing: it must be waterproof, windproof and … must have a duplicate.

Do not forget about comfortable, durable, waterproof shoes. Someone is wearing sneakers, someone prefers army boots, but in any case, the first requirement is convenience! It is best, of course, to buy in a specialized store, but if for some reason you decide to save on shoes, keep in mind: after the hike, most likely, it will go to waste. Stones, water, slush – all this will cause the walking shoes to become unusable. Do not take old shoes, if it is incandescent, so that later you do not have to tie up the sniffing soles with a string.

A socks should be a lot, very much, good and different. Because it is possible that they will have to be changed three times a day. Sleeping in wet socks, as well as wearing the morning weary socks, is very unpleasant and not good for health.
Sleeping in soaked through jeans is no less disgusting. And do not be embarrassed by the increasing volume of the backpack – in this case it is better to be safe! Ointment from frostbite can coexist with a sunblock, sunglasses with a raincoat, ski jumpsuits with swimming trunks. The main thing is that all this should be available, because there is nowhere to go!

Do you still want to go camping? Then take a sheet of paper and a pen and make a detailed list of everything you need. By the way, train tickets and documents are among them. Successful campaign, faithful and cheerful comrades, sunny weather and good mood!

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