What should the employer do to the dismissed employee?

What should the employer do to the dismissed employee?

To commemorate the anniversary of the Mayavka, held by romantic and gusty young people in the late nineteenth century, and therefore in commemoration of the Day of Workers’ Solidarity, we are talking about the rights of the working class!

Last time we repeatedly reflected on what to do in order to get a job. Now let’s go further and, letting go of the moment of being in office, we will imagine that you have already been dismissed. But you reconciled with dismissal, found in it the positive sides and are ready to dust off your feet and look for a new job or, on the contrary, indulge in idleness.

In this case, do not forget that the former employer should do something for you. And therefore, you can safely enter his office (make an appointment) and, banging his fist on the table (cautiously asking permission to sit down), demand the following simple things.

Namely: with your dismissal the employer is obliged to fully pay off the wage arrears, whatever it is. If for a month, then for a month, and if for a year, then for a year. Thus, we have already collected a small amount of capital.

Secondly, you must pay severance pay in the amount of average monthly earnings. Moreover, over the next two months you are required to keep the average monthly earnings, if during this time you do not get a job.

If, after the expiration of this period, you applied to the employment service within two weeks, on an exceptional basis, by the decision of the employment service, you have the right to maintain the average earnings during the third month.

So, by building a small initial capital on your dismissal, you can safely rush into the search for a new, better stake, to spite all enemies.

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