What personal qualities should an employee have without work experience?

What personal qualities should an employee have without work experience?

Today, on the eve of the end of the academic year, and for many on the eve of the farewell to the alma mater, let’s talk about the prospects that await the graduate today. There is an opinion that the category “graduate of the university” is not in demand on the labor market. In fact, there are companies that are ready to hire young professionals even without work experience. Only the conditions for the selection of these educated candidates are special.

This is where the fun begins. The employer pays attention to personal and business qualities of a person. There is a so-called selection by qualities. Here we will concentrate on them in this issue.

The first thing a competent leader looks at is energy and a desire to work. For work, you can approach formally, simply perform job descriptions. Of course, this is very important. But an employee with a “drive”, a person who “burns” with a thing that is full of enthusiasm, is much more interesting for the employer.

The second indispensable condition is the ability to creativity, the ability to offer solutions, to find non-standard methods. Especially creativity is appreciated in the advertising business, although in other spheres of business a creative approach is also necessary.

The third quality we need is called the scary foreign word “result-oriented” – this is nothing more than a focus on achieving a result. Ability to bring to completion. Whatever difficulties encountered in the performance of the task, it must, firstly, be fulfilled. And secondly, it is executed in the stipulated term.

Well, the last quality, on which we focus, but not the last, which your future employer will pay attention to is stability and resistance. A man was walking, falling, rising. shook himself and went on his own.

For example, you participate in a collective discussion of some kind of work situation. The decision you proposed caused laughter and disapproval of colleagues. You are offended, withdrawn and no longer participate in the further discussion? “It’s not right,” says the employer, “your” stability “is very low. And he points at the door.

But … you already know all these simple tricks and that’s why your interview will end very differently!

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