What is Web Money?

What is Web Money?

It often happens like this: you want to buy some rare goods and find it on the Internet. To buy, you need to order by mail, pay by postal transfer , etc. In general, the most simple and familiar to our compatriot way. When you see the words “credit card” or “electronic wallet” people usually just leave the site, but in vain. In fact, it’s not so difficult – to keep money not under the pillow, but in electronic form.

Today I will try to consider in detail one of the types of electronic wallets – Web Money. “WebMoney” is rightfully considered one of the most reliable and solid electronic transfer systems. Judge for yourself: a huge number of protection steps, impregnable servers (by the way, all web money-generators, that is, programs that supposedly allow you to receive money from anywhere – a continuous scam) and millionth (dollar equivalent) turnover per year. Its popularity can also be judged by how many stores are willing to accept money through Web Money.

So, what should you do to register and receive your personal electronic wallet? There is nothing difficult – it can be done by any person. To start, you need to download the program itself – an electronic wallet at: download.webmoney.ru/wm2.EXE
Install the program and run. Since we do not have our number yet, we click on the “registration” button. Do not forget to connect to the Internet. Now we pass the filling of the basic data about ourselves. By this time it is worth paying special attention to – you will not be able to change the name and surname later. That is, theoretically it can be done, but believe me, it’s more expensive.
The program will then write to you that it generates key files and will randomly move the mouse and press keys. In a couple of minutes the registration will be completed, and an email with the activation code will come to your email address. It is enough to enter it into the opened window with the program and you will have your wallet number and password that you entered when registering.

We go into the wallet.
There are 4 buttons on the left. Click on the “Purses”. Do not be surprised that you have them 4. Classification is as follows: WMZ – stores your money in dollars, WMR – in rubles, WME – in euros, and WMU – in UAH. To transfer money from your wallet (any) to another of the same type (from Z to Z, from R to R , etc. ), you need to right-click on it and select the item “transfer to Web Money purse”.

As you can see everything is simple. But this is only at first glance. To start money transactions, everyone must go through the procedure for obtaining various WM-certificates. One is mandatory for everyone, and if you, for example, need to transfer money to the bank, then you have to sweat. It will reach the point that you will need scanned pages of your passport and TIN! But once you understand this once, you can manage your funds with a couple of mouse clicks forever.

Do not be afraid of electronic money, they are designed to simplify a person’s life. For example, I have been ordering goods for over two years now through Internet shops with home delivery. Firstly, it is very convenient, and secondly, even taking into account the delivery, goods are often cheaper than in local stores, 15 percent (except Moscow, except that the delivery in many stores is free). Well, thirdly, for a postal transfer take on 8%, in comparison with this commission Web Money is simply divine. Nobody interferes and receives money through an electronic wallet, so does the majority working on the Internet, your humble servant, for example. Transfer your savings to the bank on your personal account or at one of the Web Money exchange points in your city – that’s all!

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