What is virtual flirting?

What is virtual flirting?

Dreams about the future, of course, everyone has their own. One wants to become a lawyer, the other – an honest man :), the third – Casanova. However, as for the latter, Casanova wants to be even an eternal honors pupil from the faculty of computational mathematics and cybernetics. Only he will never admit this, because he is sure beforehand that this goal is unattainable for him. And in vain.

He, of course, would hardly have coped with it in the old days, but today the Internet comes to his aid. It remains only to follow the carefully designed by professionals mindset and actions.
To do, as a matter of fact, almost nothing is necessary. The most difficult thing is to find a photo. Own, however, is not good. It’s no good and Schwarzenegger’s photo – everyone saw him, even from the back. However, the whole Internet is at your disposal: to unearth a photo of an unknown young man with traces of a Mediterranean tan and a multi-week stay in the gym on the body will not be difficult. It’s important not to overdo it, if the photo looks too “magazine”, you instantly get to the core.

Another important part of the preparatory phase is to put this photo on the homepage. Now we go to the bulletin boards about dating. The text of the ad should be long, detailed and containing as many senseless romantic details as possible. Like that you like to walk in the rain in October, absorb a salad from the roots of the fern on the night of the full moon, or you know the Japanese language. It is desirable that the ad included a separate apartment. Not that all the girls were so mercantile, but you need to somehow make them understand the seriousness of their intentions!
The content of future communication should consist, in the main, of compliments and stories. In the virtual compliment, the main thing is surprise. For example, if you talked to a young lady only on the Net, it would be ideal to say to her once: “Today you look particularly good.”

However, the topic of foreign cars and rally is better than others. Breathe in slyly that in the streets of your native city you absolutely can not move, having an automatic gearbox. Oh! Again, you can not say that the surrounding girls so much want a boyfriend with a “cool car.” It’s just a car – it’s terribly romantic …

If you with the mind and in sufficient volume carry out all the above, then soon your mailbox will be full of letters, and your friends on the chat will hint at a possible date.
So now the most important thing: if you are absolutely not confident in yourself and in the reciprocal feelings – you can not agree in any case. She after seeing you, immediately realize that in the gym you were last in 11 class, when completely failed at the examination in physical education, that you drove the car only a couple of times in your life when you took a car with radio control from a juvenile nephew that a separate The apartment is a room in a hostel with four cheerful neighbors. And what does she think of you? So we will not upset the girl, and, having entered the unsteady path of the virtual Casanova, we accept the fact that our Internet romance will be from the beginning to the end in absentia.
However, it’s up to you, what if ?!

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