What is the Earth on?

What is the Earth on?

Another view of our planet in the light of the latest scientific discoveries and theories.

Science has long argued that the Earth is round. But is it possible that mankind has already matured in order to pay more attention to the ancient postulate that the Earth is flat? Apparently, this statement contains some information, from its antiquity covered in mystery.

What is a plane? What subject can be said to be flat? About that which has only two dimensions, that is, an order of magnitude lower than the world in which we live. For us, the beings of the three-dimensional world, the two-dimensional world, long studied by mathematicians, is flat. But the existence of a one-dimensional world, in which the two-dimensional world would not be “flat,” is theoretically possible.

And if we take an order of magnitude higher? What is our world in relation to the four-dimensional? The plane! So it turns out that the observer, for whom the Earth is a plane, is in the higher, four-dimensional and more dimensional world. The bottom line: are not the ideas of the Earth as a flat object, an echo of the contacts of our distant ancestors with certain beings from other dimensions?

So, we have proved that the Earth is flat. Let’s define now, what is this for the three whales (elephant) on which it stands? It’s no secret: to better understand some phenomenon, sometimes you need to be not only a scientist, but also everything else and a poet.

“On that I stand!” – people often say when they want to emphasize their rightness, their credo. It is not in this sense that the word “stands” is used in the statement about the Earth. So on what is our planet on? Three whales (an elephant) – this must be something global, huge, all-encompassing.

What are these three things on which humanity relies, to which it aspires? If you think well, then everyone knows about them from childhood: Love, Good and Beauty (Harmony). And in the simplified-youthful version – Faith, Hope, Love.

A turtle, which in turn are these quito-elephants? If we take into account that the tortoise was always a symbol of slowness, then it is not difficult to guess that in this context it reflects the time slowly flowing on Earth (of course, from the point of view of beings from higher dimensions).

It remains to determine the “delusion” of the ancients that the Earth is in the center of the world. And here again, it is better to get distracted from the physical and go into the conceptual plan. Then everything falls into place. It becomes clear that the Earth is not in the spatial center, but in the center of attention of the super-developed space civilization.

So, the Earth is in the center of the world. It is flat, standing on three whales, which in turn stand on a turtle. This means that the center of attention of the beings inhabiting the multidimensional world is a flat (three-dimensional) Earth, on which the way of people to love, good and beauty is extremely long.

So, maybe it makes sense for us to accelerate this process with you? Let’s start right now!

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