What is the distance talking about?

What is the distance talking about?

We continue to share in the secrets and secrets of the human body. Not in the sense of understanding the basics of Kama Sutra, about this somehow next time. And in the sense that the body is, as you know, a piece that does not lie. Here is such a scientific fact!

And even if the owner of this body is a lit-up liar, it will always preserve chaste honesty. And therefore, knowing and knowing how to read body language and gestures, we can easily judge the intentions of its owner. And today, comprehending these wisdoms, we will talk about DISTANCE.

It is known that, by communicating with others, a person prefers to stay at a certain distance. We read, write down and remember once and for all that the public distance is about 3.5 m and more; business – from 1.5 m to 3.5 m; friendly – from 75 cm to 1.5 m. Well, finally, even closer – it’s already intimate (intimate distance, it’s such a distance … oh yes, today is not about it).

Depending on the feeling of the internal distance in relation to a particular person, we “let” him in a certain zone.
Therefore, if your interlocutor tries to approach you spatially, then he wants to be closer to you in all senses. He can act gradually – first by the whole body to turn in your direction, then to bend closer … and so on the sly move in space.
Well, if he simultaneously spread his arms wide (for example, leaning on the staircase rail or the back of a chair) – this is already a hidden symbol of embraces.

But if your interlocutor prefers to stay at a respectful distance – your chances are not great, he for some reason does not want contact with you. And when in a conversation he leans in the opposite direction or talks, turning away a little … Alas! He does not like you very much.

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