What is the alphabet of the motorist’s light warning system?

What is the alphabet of the motorist’s light warning system?

There are no descriptions of this alphabet of light signaling in any “correct” textbook.

Unfortunately, during the movement, we are practically deprived of the opportunity to exchange any information with other drivers. The sound signal can be given not everywhere, and not very informative. Sign language is not visible even at a relatively close distance, especially if there is a toning on the glasses. Only the signals of the headlights and other lights of the machine remain.

Therefore, it will not be superfluous, once again to recall the basic signals of light that every road user must know, but which you will not find in any rules or textbooks.

So, if you were blinded by two short “calls” by the main beam, there is either an ambush of traffic police in front or something very dangerous (road accident, pit on the road , etc.). If the bell, not the first example, turns out to be long, it can mean one of two things: either if you are being signaled in the back, they want you to give way, if you are shone in the side or face, usually it is a signal at a crossroads, – Miss you. In the latter case, which is not so common, it is customary to thank the driver who missed you, blinking several times with an emergency.

Well, having equipped yourself with these simple, elementary skills, you should always keep in mind that at any time you can meet on the road with an absolute teapot and the application of this “alphabet” of light signaling is fraught with unpredictable consequences.

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