What is money? This is not what you think!

What is money? This is not what you think!

What is money? Golden circles with a pleasant shine? Crumpled papers in a sweaty fist? Check with monograms, smelling of printing and death? Monthly handouts at the checkout, for which you are required to leave an autograph in a statement? Who will tell me the exact, capacious and exhaustive definition of the term “money”? No one! However, there are many options, but none satisfy me.

In the format of this article, I do not have the opportunity to fundamentally substantiate my recommendations, but here as when visiting a fortuneteller or a psychic: if you want – listen to advice, do not want – do not take them into account.

To begin with, I will try absolutely correctly to determine what money is for the majority of the population, and I will prove that this is a universal error! Look closely, listen to yourself! Find out for yourself absolutely sincerely and honestly what money is exactly for you and much will clear up. Let me try to help you with this. Money is your fake person, it’s your mask, so to speak, for “official use” when dealing with your own kind. This is your self-affirmation in your own eyes, the eyes of your loved ones and in general is the criterion of such you, as you want to see for others and for yourself. It is clear that in fact all this has little to do with what you really are.

The mistake of most philosophers and researchers of this issue is precisely that for the reasoning about a nonhuman subject that is not even defined in its true essence, they offer human concepts. In fact, I did not find a single criterion for the value of one or the other activity, except for Rousseau’s criterion: “a person has an absolute and inalienable right to the value of an object manufactured by his own hands from material belonging to the right of all people”. All other criteria for evaluating labor in monetary or any other form are unreliable, inaccurate and easily disputed.

One of the main incentives that move us to money is envy. Everyone condemns this envy in others and often simply does not want to recognize it in themselves, deceiving themselves and applying for its inner calm its smoothed out varieties: ambition, determination, pragmatism, etc. One can not but agree with Schopenhauer, who called envy the main enemy of our happiness. Listen to yet another thinker (Seneca “On Wrath” III, 30): “We will enjoy our lot, without resorting to comparisons – never be happy with the one who torments the sight of greater happiness.”

So, my recommendations. The main and most important thing: money is a nonhuman category, therefore it is foolish to apply human concepts (people’s conscience, decency, honesty, sincerity) to them; It’s like trying to conspire to extinguish a fire. This does not mean that the author is trying to offer you to become a scum without honor and conscience. Although for the accumulation of money this is the fastest, right and efficient way. The whole trouble is that we are people and this absolutely logical and correct method does not suit most of us. What to do?

First: exclude all human categories in relation to the counterparty with whom you enter into a monetary relationship.

What does this mean? This means that, for your part, you absolutely honorably fulfill all agreements and obligations, but at the same time suppose the following: if there is an opportunity to deceive you – you will be deceived! If there is an opportunity to throw you – you will be thrown. Eliminate these opportunities and you will succeed.

The second, very difficult, but unfortunately necessary condition, is to reconsider your whole life and determine the occupation that you agree to do without any money, simply because you like it, and then use all your energy and talent to the maximum . Success will come. And along with it, money will come, but as a means, not as a goal.

In conclusion, I will express the blasphemous thought of today’s minds in the country: “Only then will Russia become great when it seems rich and be painfully ashamed of how the secret vices are ashamed today, and the owner of wealth himself will be ashamed.”

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