What is Informational Neurosis, or Brain Reload Required

What is Informational Neurosis, or Brain Reload Required

In our time, the ball is ruled by Mrs. Information. But sometimes it is too much and the loading of the brains becomes critical. Then information neurosis comes and a brain restart is required.

Irritation, apathy, fast fatigue, insomnia or nightmares, “brokenness” in the morning, headaches and dips in memory … Familiar? This is not a complete list of symptoms of information neurosis. The brain is full of information and it needs to be rebooted, like a computer.

At the first signs of ailment, short-term holidays will save. No, not those that are conducted in the Canary Islands, although this “medicine”, perhaps, also should not be abandoned, but small one-day, but suicidal for the spleen and boredom vacation. All that is necessary is to radically change at least one day’s usual circle of worries and troubles for, for example, walking in the suburbs or going to the gym.

With a mild form, fight this means a week, or two, or until a complete cure, adding some more bitter pills. So, we will completely abandon watching TV, reading books, newspapers and magazines, in short, everything that will add to the psyche of new information.

With the advanced form of information neurosis, it is much harder to fight. In addition to nature walks, simple sports activities and complete refusal from all sources of information from the outside world, one will also have to think about travel, but not to Paris or Milan, where an information overdose will cover under the full program, and in a remote village to the grandmother. To live like this a month or two away from civilization, you see, and physical health will recover and your head will return to normal.

Well, and that later the Queen Information could not hurt the psyche, it is worth thinking about proper nutrition – it is especially important to eat what contains vitamins B and C. Well, the main rule of a healthy psyche is a timely rest.

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