What is an orange peel, or a Funny Encyclopedia of shortcomings

What is an orange peel, or a Funny Encyclopedia of shortcomings

There is one unwritten dictionary – “A funny encyclopedia of shortcomings”. A peculiar secret language with the help of which women and men both flaunt the shortcomings of their appearance in a comical manner, and at the same time hide them behind an ironic assessment. So, “A funny encyclopedia of shortcomings” …

First of all those epithets that have already firmly entered the modern language.

Synonym of cellulite – who does not know – “orange peel”. And wrinkles around the eyes? After all, even schoolgirls know that they are called “crow’s feet”. And the “ears of a spaniel”? .. This term has long been walking around anecdotes. Correctly – the female breast, which has lost its maiden form. And also a formless thigh, called “riding breeches” or “saddlebags”. And what is the “smoked ham” worth! This epithet is appropriated by women to thick ankles.

In a male society, there are also established words to describe the disadvantages inherent in the appearance of the stronger sex. Well, who does not know what “mirror disease” is? Its primary cause is another ailment – “beer belly”. It is as a result of the growth of “labor corn” or the formation of “social accumulation” in the abdomen and waist area that some of the male individuals can no longer see themselves below the waist other than in the mirror alone. Yes … One drawback, but how many epithets! And they say that the dictionary of shortcomings in men is much more stingy than female.

And these words are equally used as representatives of the weaker sex, and the male population, because problems with hair can be understood by both. Naughty, unwilling to lie properly, the head of hearings are called “crow’s nest”. And if hair has lost its shine, they are ruthlessly called “pakley”.

Now let’s move on to less common words. Romantic “rosettes” in the female vocabulary can mean excessively plump knees. And “rolls” – an excessively magnificent ass. But the “battery” is called a double chin.

In the men’s arsenal – the wings of the Cupid. Agree, it sounds romantic. But this term hides fatty scapula. There is also an “airfield for flies” or otherwise “Ilyich’s behest”, or if it is simply a bald spot. And still “flew” – the hanging cheeks.

No, of course, our today’s digression is far from exhaustive. And yet the moral: while you have enough strength to laugh at yourself – we live!

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