What is a “successful” appearance?

What is a “successful” appearance?

In continuation of the recently started conversation about the illusion of success, let’s talk about our appearance with you. Let’s say you should be on some fashionable reception. And I want to make a proper impression. And here it is necessary to be a little subdued.
The fact is that everything that you are wearing, hung, wrapped or pinned, must necessarily be real. So, let’s say, accessories should only be branded and expensive. Alas! Otherwise, you risk being in the company of people who “understand”, expose themselves to ridicule.
Buy yourself a good pen, a leather organizer, a quality notebook, a business card and, if you smoke, an expensive brand lighter. These accessories will say more about you than all attempts to look like a lucky person.

By the way, cigarettes should also be expensive. In any case, if you smoke in public. You can get by at home “Golden Java”.

But you can save on decorations. People taste not put their diamonds on public display. On the contrary, do not aspire to put on itself all jeweler-trading rings and chains. This is just the option, when the quantity gives out the quality of the owner of the thing.

Well, finally, it would seem, such little things as all kinds of shirts, blouses, ties and neck scarves. They all should also be from an expensive store and defiantly fresh. Do not try to buy a tie in the market, similar to the last masterpiece of Armani. You will be exposed! And so with everything.

In a word, we come back to the thesis we read earlier: “If you want to be lucky – first start looking like a lucky person …”

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