What is a portfolio and recommendations?

What is a portfolio and recommendations?

We continue to pour lavishly upon the host employer about his past successes and stellar victories at his previous job.

Once again, you must not justify yourself to anyone. Report information – yes. Correctly answer the questions – yes. But you should not feel guilty about changing the place of application of your professional skills.

Adjust yourself to the fact that a new job is an opportunity for growth for you. Both professional and material. And personal, after all. Convincing yourself, you can convince others, including the employer.

So, let’s get started. Armed with the right psychological attitude, think about how you can convince a person who does not know you, perhaps your potential boss, that you are a storehouse of knowledge and skills useful to his business, that the main thing is you are a professional.

And the first thing that will save us is recommendations. It is not forbidden to write about them in the resume, but it is better to talk at the interview. Moreover, such a question is periodically raised, for example, in the “personal questionnaire” that you may be asked to fill out. Therefore, “stock up” with a couple of telephone numbers of reliable specialists or managers who can confirm your personal and professional qualities.

Secondly, think about the possibility of creating a portfolio. This term in the world of art, model business, is called the album with the best samples. At photomodels – a folder with own photos, at artists and designers – photoproducts of their imperishable products.

This can be done to a person of a non-creative profession. Buy a decent folder-folder and put there almost everything that can positively characterize you as a specialist. For example, the portfolio of the “classic programmer” can include professional certificates, projects of your most interesting works performed, photos of some monumental buildings. And so on and so forth, the more, the better.

The size of the portfolio and the imagination in its compilation will testify to your passion for the profession, which positively characterizes you as a specialist. Approach this process creatively. Believe me, this is very interesting for the employer. After all, all this is “evidence” of your professionalism.

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