What is a linker?

What is a linker?

Short run. Fall into the dusty grass. The enemy does not yet see the threat. Silent exchange of gestures with a partner. “Yours is right, mine is left. The fire! “The slams of submachine guns with silencers and the enemy patrol cease to exist. The road for the main forces is open. And two enemy soldiers, silently scolding themselves, can put on red bandages of the “dead” … What is this? This is not a war. This is airsoft!

Strikeball is a command military applied game in which the battle is fought with special firearms. Airsoft weapons by their kind and weight are indistinguishable from real weapons to such an extent that sometimes even the pros are mistaken. The weapon includes pistols, machine guns, sniper rifles and even machine guns and grenades, which is why the game creates a sense of reality of real combat.

Unlike common sports pneumatics, the weapon for airsoft is made in such a way as not to cause injury to players. When observing the rules (wearing only goggles for wearing), the risk of injury is reduced to zero. The most serious injury is a small bruise or bruise (after the game of paintball bruises much more, and they themselves are much larger, as the paintball ball is much larger and heavier).

Ammunition for airsoft has a fairly low cost, which makes the game more attractive. The price fluctuates around $ 10-20 for a package containing 2-3 thousand plastic 6 mm balls.
The use of airsoft weapons is absolutely legal – the energy of the plastic ball is so small that by law, airsoft models do not fall under the definition of weapons and, accordingly, can be stored and used without control by the Interior Ministry.

Airsoft weapons can be divided into several groups.
Electric Powered Weapon (AEG, air electric gun). These are copies of a real weapon, equipped with an electric compressor, powered by batteries. Their cost ranges from 300 to 1500 dollars.
Spring-piston weapon or springs (spring – English, spring). For sure, the reader saw in the stores Chinese plastic pistols worth 100-200 rubles. This is the cheapest version of spring.
And finally, flank gas models , whose operation principle is based on the use of compressed gas energy. Unlike gas-cylinder pneumatics using compressed carbon dioxide, they use a gas of lower pressure. To maintain the elasticity of the gaskets of the weapon valves, the composition of the gas necessarily includes a silicone lubricant.

The weapon issue is considered. What else do you need to play airsoft? As already mentioned above – goggles. This is the only (except weapons) mandatory attribute of the game. It is strictly forbidden to remove glasses while on the territory of “combat operations”! Otherwise, you run the risk of repeating the fate of General-Field Marshal Kutuzov or Admiral Nelson.

Equipment players usually copy the equipment of a combat unit. Although the rules allow “the use by participants of any equipment and equipment in the style of” military “from among those available for sale or manufactured independently.”

After the players wear their uniforms and take up arms, the game begins. Usually she goes on some, previously approved, the script. For example, “Storm Fortress”, when “terrorists” are fortified in a building, and “special forces” are trying to knock them out. Or “Partisan war”, when the “Germans” are carrying out the protection of an object, and the “partisans” are trying to seize and destroy it. The length of the game depends on the script. The game can go and 15 minutes, and several days.

Airsoft is a very active sport. It perfectly helps to get rid of stress and boredom. If you are tired of work, if you got your boss – ask him to arrange a corporate trip to the airsoft match.This will be a real chance to cheer yourself up for a few months ahead. After all, it’s not every day that you can release a line from the machine gun.

Here, in principle, and all that a beginner strikbolist should know. All the rest will be known on the airsoft battlefields. Good luck in battle!

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