What do you eat piranhas, or do you want to swim in the Amazon?

What do you eat piranhas, or do you want to swim in the Amazon?

More and more of our citizens are traveling around the world, wandering sometimes to places we used to read in adventure novels. One of these places is the mysterious and mysterious country of Amazonia in Brazil. Virginia jungle (tropical rain forest) with bloodthirsty jaguars and caimans, inoffensive manatees, bright parrots and loud monkeys. And from time to time there are reports of a tribal find that lives in the Stone Age and knows nothing about our world. But probably most of the stories were told about small piranha fish living in the Amazon and its tributaries and in a number of other rivers in South America.

Piranhas, according to the stories of some travelers, are literally the scourge of God for the whole of the Amazon. They live in huge packs, they have sharp teeth like razor and, flying a pack, in a matter of minutes gnaw to the purity of the processed skeleton of a live deer, a cow or ignorantly decided to swim in the river of a person. Rarely, who managed to survive after meeting with these, if I may say, crocodiles in fish scales. Well, except that when I did not have time to sail away from the shore. But nobody could stay whole. With dozens of ragged bleeding wounds an unlucky bather flew out of the water and after that neither he nor his acquaintances came near and near to this deceptive river. And friends (and not so) told other acquaintances (and not very) very terrible stories about these killer fish.

What is this fish? And how really are they dangerous? There are more than two dozen species of piranhas inhabiting all fresh water bodies from the eastern foothills of the Andes to Colombia, Venezuela and Guyana to the west, throughout the Amazon basin, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, Uruguay and northeast Argentina. Some of them are predators, others are herbivorous. But practically all have teeth sharp as a razor and located so that the jaw, closing, becomes a terrible weapon. And these teeth can cause (and sometimes cause!) Tangible wounds. At the same time, some serious researchers and authors claim that there is not one reliable case of attack of piranhas with a fatal outcome. In addition, almost all note the timidity of piranhas, their tendency to easily fall into stress by the most insignificant reasons.

Very many authors tell that local kids are bathing in rivers, in the same place their mothers are washing clothes and are not afraid of piranhas at all. Some people explain this by saying that piranhas are dangerous only at certain times, for example, the tide. But the tide, although it penetrates far along the river, is still not noticeable far from the ocean, especially in numerous small tributaries. More plausible seems to be another explanation. When the drought period comes, and numerous sleeves become cut off from the main channel, they often leave a huge number of piranhas. All that you can eat, has long been eaten. Here this flock can pounce on anyone in this pond. But imagine in these conditions our fish! Yes, a gudgeon will attack you or a calf, let alone a pike! True, our fish do not have such sharp teeth. By the way, piranhas with sharp teeth, not all carnivores. To eat nuts falling into the water, you also need sharp teeth. Yes, with outstanding jaws!

It is said that sometimes piranhas bite fishermen by their fingers. But think, you yourself are hooked, you are dragged somewhere from your native water, you are grabbed by your hands. Yes, you will be struggling to get back into the water. And the teeth of piranhas are such that, intentionally, and, so to speak, by carelessness, the wound will be inflicted – be healthy. After all, it happens that sometimes the ruff can sometimes start the blood. One of the sites of aquarists tells how harmless piranhas, who eat something mostly shrimp, supposedly almost bit off a woman two fingers. And all because when cleaning the aquarium she decided to catch them not with a net, but with her hands.So who attacked whom? And a pile of rumors about piranhas was supplemented by another “true story”.

By the way, piranhas are a fertile topic for lovers of terrible sensations. Recently, television and numerous sites reported piranhas in one Ukrainian lake. Previously such messages were from Belarus, from the Philippines. But there even though the water is warm … And in the Great Britain on the Thames the seagull allegedly dropped the piranha almost caught in the hands of the journalist writing about this case. But we know our journalistic brethren …

And do not be afraid of piranhas, being somewhere on the Amazon or on one of its tributaries. You can also swim in the Amazon – once again will have another time. But … it’s better to look around at first, ask the locals in Portuguese: “Say, – say – por favor (please), seniors, can I swim here? Do not perigoso (is it dangerous)? After all, do not forget – there are still caimans. And the evidence, when the caiman, as if it were more delicate to say … at times biting at times a bather, is plenty.

P. S. The author is not responsible for those piranhas that, because of the small number of Internet cafes in this area of ​​the planet, have not read this article.

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