What are dreams in reality?

What are dreams in reality?

“She opened her eyes. Her bed was a stranger in white. His gray hair gently streamed over his shoulders, and his young face showed no emotion. Bright blue eyes, indifferent and at the same time expectant, looked at her gray. For a moment she looked at the stranger, trying to make out it, but the phantom image seemed to consist of clear and obscure forms, the alloy of which deprived them of the chance to examine the details. She wanted to scream, but she was silent, only something was saying inside: “Turn away.” She turned away frightened and covered her head with a blanket. But, realizing all the stupidity of the situation and collecting a grain of courage, she turned her head, but did not find a stranger or a hint of his presence. He disappeared”.

The case described above happened in real life and with a real person. What was it? Hallucination? Mirage? Or maybe just a dream … in reality.

“Dreams in reality” in our time is not uncommon, each of you, probably, came across this phenomenon, in science called hypnogic or hypnopopic hallucinations. These are bright visions arising in the period before falling asleep or awakening. You can see objects, people, hear music, human voices, but on the one hand – it’s a dream, and on the other – you realize that you are still awake.

Why do they arise? When falling asleep, the objects of the surrounding reality begin to slowly “dissolve” and the person is immersed in sleep. When you wake up, vice versa. Magic visions are delayed, and people gradually begin to perceive the surrounding reality. However, in a drowsy state, the surrounding reality does not just disappear, but for some time it is perceived by consciousness, but it is not clear, but distorted, mixing with sleepy dreams.

Appearing in a drowsy state, “waking dreams” are not perceived as something alien and do not lead to awakening. In the period between wakefulness and sleep, short and bright pictures appear, or a series of pictures, but because of their transience they are often not remembered.

Many believe in the mystical origin of this kind of dreams. One is deceased relatives, some are Angels, others are Demons. One woman, before going to sleep, saw the demon and, taking up the cross, began to read the prayer, after a few lines the vision disappeared (and so on). Often auditory hallucinations are imperative, as if hinting or demanding from the person of any actions. Many interpret their visions as a sign from above or a sign.

Scientists on this subject have a different opinion: “The emergence of hypnagogic representations IP Pavlov” explained the developing inhibition in the cortical cells of the cerebral cortex during falling asleep, which violates the usual ratio of signal systems in favor of the first state of wakefulness. This is manifested in the revival of representations (often they reach the degree of immediate impressions), while in the waking state the images stored in memory are inhibited by the second signal system. With a gradual awakening, sleep inhibition “leaves” the cortex of the cerebral hemispheres, after which a clear perception of the surrounding world and a clear understanding of what is happening. ” (VI Lebedev “The Smile of a Cheshire Cat”).

Many rumors and mysteries surround such a phenomenon as “dreams in reality”. Magic, mysticism, science are closely intertwined in such a strange-deformed world as Drem. What can we see there? Anything from the great battles to the unknown worlds. The main thing is to look carefully.

P. S. :
“She opened her eyes and saw the same gray-haired youth in white. This time he stood in the corner of the room and stared at her intently. She slowly lowered her head on the pillow and said to herself: “This only dreams me.” Gently and unobtrusively sleepy waves carried her along. She did not see him again. ”

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