Is it worth buying a licensed operating system?

Is it worth buying a licensed operating system?

Summer, it’s time to rest and buy a computer – it’s at this time that many businesses provide discounts. When buying a computer, you have a choice – to buy an operating system or not and if you buy, which is better? Doubts are justified, because the difference between an unlicensed and licensed operating system is approximately 1800 rubles, this money can be invested in a computer and it will be more productive. Or is it better not to save money? In recent years, our country wants to join the WTO and thanks to this, most software becomes licensed, primarily Microsoft products. Fulfilling the requirements of the WTO, the police are fighting against violators of copyright, and violators are still selling their CDs.

So, why buy licensed operating systems after all? There are several reasons: the ability to update your system via the Internet; the firm in which they bought the computer, performs repairs in the presence of an installed licensed operating system; the desire to be a law-abiding citizen (citizen); Use licensed software from other companies; fear of damaging computer hardware. Let’s take a look at all these items in order: 1. In my opinion, the ability to update the operating system is only needed by professionals who use the system’s capabilities to 100% or those users who are panic-stricken with viruses and swing patches. 2. Some firms at purchase inform, that the guarantee is possible only at presence of the license operating system installed on a disk. (Of course, it can not break anything, but it’s up to you) 3. For so many years we’ve been taught to freedom, but now “suddenly” it turned out that the software has copyright holders – it’s bad to break the law. 4.

If you install a pirated game on the licensed operating system, the activation will have to be re-done, although some unlicensed systems also sin with a blue screen with activation – only in this case it is useless to activate. 5. Beginning users fall into trance at each “breakdown” of the operating system of the computer, and frighten, telling that the unlicensed operating system can break something, for the manager of the company only in pleasure (that’s what laptops sometimes explode, so now, Do not buy them?) Decided to buy – you are on the right track (maybe). Buying a licensed operating system, it is worth paying attention to how this operating system is called, because in addition to the well-known systems Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, only Windows XP is recently distributed (Linux does not count). Not everyone knows that Windows XP can be in different versions – Home Edition and Professional Edition. The difference between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional Edition is a set of functions, the professional version has more. Also pay attention to the prefix SP1 or SP2 (SP3), there are cases when the hardware drivers do not work correctly with SP1, especially if these are the newest devices. When buying a preinstalled operating system, pay attention to the presence of a sticker with a key on the computer case.

Remember, money for the operating system will not be returned to you, since it is installed, working and most importantly – the key that you bought is from you, and belongs only to you. Activation of the operating system is simple and straightforward, all steps are listed by points, and if, that is incomprehensible, the operator will help you. Of course, this article does not call for anything, but only informs you what you pay money for and what product you should buy.

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