How to win an unlucky, or “Sandwich Law” in action

How to win an unlucky, or “Sandwich Law” in action

Today we will tackle philosophy. But not just a simple philosophy, but a worldly one. Going, so to speak, from the depths of the people, from its very kitchen. So, in the program of the foundations of everyday philosophy and kitchen wisdom.

Suppose that you are determined to prepare something festive. And they decided to use the old grandmother’s recipe for this purpose. What does the kitchen wisdom tell us? And she says this. The unit of measurement of the main component of the dish in the old recipe will always be written illegibly. Moreover, the wisdom continues, if you specifically had to go for a product, then it is on him your guest will be allergic.

The more time you put into the preparation of dinner, the more likely that your guests will always discuss the previous dinners. And if they appreciate any dish, then it is necessary that which required the least effort in cooking. For example, if you cooked a duck with apples, then you will receive compliments for baked potatoes.

And on top of everything, if after such a dull dinner you decide to wash the dishes, be prepared for the fact that the stain that you are trying to scrape off the transparent plate is always on the other side.

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