How to use mineral water for face care, or Mineralochka for beauty

How to use mineral water for face care, or Mineralochka for beauty

The human body is truly water. Water is contained in every cell, participates in chemical processes, delivers food and removes toxins and toxins. In general, water is the guarantee of health. Today we will talk about how to use mineral water in the health of the body – outside.

So, let’s start getting acquainted with the tricks of applying mineral water for cosmetic purposes. The trick first is washing. Instead of opening the faucet and refreshing the face with a rather dirty tap water, we will open a bottle of still mineral water. It is understandable: the face is washed for beauty, cleanliness and freshness, and the tap water is far from ideal, unless, of course, you do not pump it yourself from a super clean underground source. Fatty, porous and combination skin should be washed with a mineral water with a high salt content: it will help narrow the pores and reduce sebaceous gloss. Ground low mineralized water perfectly tones and softens normal or dry skin.

We talked about the morning procedure, now – about the evening. After removing makeup, mineral water can become a good tonic, which will help prevent stretching of the skin.

More – ice massage: the ice freezes from the mineral water and uses it after washing. This simple way of skin care will help in the fight against wrinkles and vasodilation and pores. Mineral water should be replaced with ordinary water in all masks for the face and neck. The effect is amazing!

And here is an easy way to create a fresh face for one evening – well, everything in life happens, and after hard working days sometimes you need to go to a banquet and be there fully armed. So, on a clean face, apply a thick layer of fat cream, and on top – a terry towel soaked in hot mineral water. Further, as the first towel cools, the next – from the ice mineral water. Next, again, a cream, a hot towel, a cold towel. And so 5 times.

Finally a little economical trick. Today, the use of thermal sprays has spread. A small bottle of mineral thermal water, which in fact simply has a richer mineral composition, does not cost little money. But a simple mineral water does not interfere with the skin. Having used all the riches of thermal water, we pour into a bubble of still, well, or persistent carbonated water, and calmly continue to do the micromassage of the skin with the help of small sprays of healing minerals.

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