How to use gravity?

How to use gravity?

Gravitation, or gravity, is possessed by all objects in the universe. Scientists say that the whole thing is in elusive particles – gravitons, the number of which depends either on the mass, or on the energy of the object.

In my opinion, complete garbage. Personally, I think that the power of attraction is the materialization of our desires, and what particles are responsible for this materialization is the tenth thing. Just people wanted the Sun to always illuminate the Earth, and now our planet revolves around a huge hot ball. Astronomers, looking into their pipes with glass inserts, dreamed of discovering on the expanses of space the same ordered systems. Now the space is filled with galaxies and star systems parodying Solar. It seemed to the person that the night sky was too boring, and – “hop!” – Moon orbited around the Earth.

You will say: “What nonsense !? The moon existed long before humanity appeared! “

Seriously? Has anyone had the opportunity to observe this? But what about the theory of the observer? Well, like: “Will the tree fall in the forest if there is no one to hear the sound of its fall?”

You object: “Carbon analysis of the lunar soil showed that the moon is more than four billion years old.” To this there is an answer in the form of a popular quantum theory, which assumes that any particle can simultaneously be a wave and be located in several places at once. So to speak, everywhere and nowhere, and all this at one point in time.

What about time itself? It is linear only because it is so convenient for mankind. According to some versions, there is no timeline and every object at any point of the hypothetical time schedule, in fact, exists in all times at once. Thus, our beloved Moon exists always.

But we digress. Let’s return to our attraction. As you remember, I say that these are just our desires. Indeed, people want all things to be in their places, so the items do not circulate chaotically around us. Every person in his life wants to stand firmly on his feet, that’s why people do not know how to fly.

But the concept of attraction goes far beyond physical phenomena. People are also attracted to each other, and not because they have a certain mass, but because they want it.

Lovers are the best proof of the theory of gravity as the power of desire. If lovers want to be together, then no circumstances can separate them. Even if only one person has the desire to be near, the attraction still works. A lonely romantic will always be attracted to the object of his adoration, and perhaps one day the attraction will become mutual.

You will say that my theory is completely wrong, since many of our desires are not fulfilled in any way. But this is already the effect of antigravitation.

All the science fictionists dream of an anti-gravity engine, and at the everyday level we have already come up with this effect. Just very often people are afraid of their desires. And it is these fears and fears that are responsible for the emergence of repulsive force.

Suppose a certain person wants to get a job at a high-paying job. But he fears that the new collective will not accept it. He is afraid that he can not cope with the tasks assigned. And he suspects that most likely there really will have to work! As a result, dreaming of a new job and remains in the old place, where he was accustomed.

Or, for example, someone wants a lot of money. But he has no idea why he needs this money and how to spend it. He is afraid that, having become rich, he will be on the fly to dishonest people who will try to take advantage of his new resources. Naturally, the desire to get rich is not fulfilled.

Thus, we have two opposing forces that are governed by our thoughts. Try to use force of attraction more often, instead of pushing away. Forget about your fears and be able to say goodbye to the force of repulsion.

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