How to use chopsticks, or Magic wands from the land of the rising sun

How to use chopsticks, or Magic wands from the land of the rising sun

We will talk about Japanese cuisine, or rather, about how to use it, this kitchen, to consume it. And the first and main in this helper for us – wand-khachi chasi. Residents of Southeast Asia have been accustomed to them since childhood, like Europeans to forks. But for us and the process can be difficult, which can turn away from this exotic cuisine in general, and this is in vain.

Meanwhile, everything is not so difficult. Let’s remember the golden rule: if, having come to a restaurant with oriental cuisine, you have experienced difficulties with the use of chasi chopsticks, – boldly call for the help of a waiter. Their duties include assisting in the development of unusual devices, consultation on the menu, – any help to the client in general. In good institutions, the waiter, taking an order, will definitely ask, but do not bring you European appliances? Do not be shy, you came to have fun, but do not feel embarrassed for your own money.

Let’s say that you are a purposeful person and are used to everything in everything. But, even having mastered the technique of exploitation of rods, you can, solely from ignorance, put yourself in an embarrassing position from the point of view of the native Asiatic. Because there is a Hasi-etiquette.
There are many nuances, but we will focus on the most common points.

1) Wands in our schools use disposable. We open the wrapper, break the double sticks. If you are a passionate admirer of such food, perhaps it makes sense to have your own Hasi. In this case, you can choose the ones that you like – flat, sharp, triangular, rounded. Of almost any material, even if only gold.

2) Never stick your wand into a fist. If there is, for example, a Japanese nearby, he will take this gesture as threatening. Do you want it?

3) Do not stick the sticks vertically in Fig. In the homeland of your Japanese neighbor, they do it in a memorial service, to see this at a meal – a sign that someone will soon die.

4) If for some reason you need to put the chopsticks aside, use a special stand, hasyoki. And put the sticks need sharp ends to the left.

5) The rods are designed only to grab a piece and send it to the mouth. We select the piece beforehand, before we take up the sticks. If touched – take and eat, this rule is strict. It is clear that it is impossible to dig sticks in a plate, stir up food, lick them, etc. – it is impossible.

6) In general, you can not do anything with chopsticks – neither draw nor knock on servings, calling the waiter, or waving them in the air. You can not give food to another person. Asia in general is a fairly taboo region, and on the table etiquette this is reflected in full.

All of the above is meaningful only for a person who wants to be tempted, “advanced” in the subtleties of oriental cuisine. Although the Asians themselves, will open a little secret, consider their traditions inaccessible to Europeans, and therefore treat the latter rather leniently.

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