How to understand a dog?

How to understand a dog?

What does the dog most want? First of all, security. She needs confidence that her flock – a group including herself, you (the owner), other family members and pets, do not have to be afraid of attack, natural disasters or starvation.

The dog is a direct descendant of wolves, and it has an unusually developed schooling instinct. It does not depend on the breed, size and upbringing. All dogs see the guarantee of their safety in establishing a hierarchy headed by a strong and wise leader. And this leader should become the owner – you.

The dog will constantly check if you are strong enough and smart enough to ensure the safety of its “flocks”. The forms of the call will be different, but you need to remember: dogs are not strong in halftones (these are not cats). For them, there is black and white, yes or no. Or the dog always obeys you, or you are not an authority for it.

To become a leader, you need to behave like a dog: challenge and prove your superiority. We need to play a series of standard scenes that clearly show the dog, who is the boss in the house. You know in advance who will be the winner. You can not risk: your opponent should not have a shadow of doubt about your right to power. With her soul will fall a heavy load: she will believe in you, take off all responsibility, relax and obey.

Food is one of the most important activities in the life of a dog. One of the first lessons that your pet should learn by heart is never to argue with the master, even if it’s about food. This means that you have the right at any time to pick up his bowl, even if he eats from it. You have the right to climb into his mouth and pull out a delicious piece from there (this is important in those cases when the dog grabs something dangerous, such as a sharp bone). Whatever you do, aggression against you and members of your family is excluded.

Whirling before lying down, helps the dog improve the blood circulation in the side on which it slept. In addition, whirling on the spot, the animal tries to orient its reclining position head to the north. Most dogs that sleep can do it. Studies have shown that when the body is stretched along the Earth’s magnetic field, heartbeats slow down, and blood circulation and metabolism improve.

“Seizing” the palm with dog teeth is a harmless thing, but not all people understand this. In this way the dog compliments you. This is a form of play that can be offered only to a person who likes and causes absolute trust.

If your dog rushes headlong, starts jumping, barking, grabbing hands or clothes, it’s her playing. Her violent behavior demonstrates a supercomfort state – full confidence in safety, allowing you to literally lose your head in your presence. This is a compliment to you, as a good master.

Stress in the dog is noticeable at once: it seems gloomy, restless, sad or weak. Treat her as your own. Try to ensure the optimal diet, walks and communication. Pay attention, even if simply hailing it on the move: the animal should feel like a member of the pack, which the wise leader does not forget for a moment.

For these little things the dog will pay you hundredfold with your love and devotion. Be worthy of her gratitude.

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