How to understand a cat?

How to understand a cat?

Undoubtedly, a cat can do without a human being. It depends on it much less than the dog. But she can love you as much as a dog if you love her yourself. We will never know what exactly cats feel, but by studying their behavior, it is possible to accurately predict it and even explain it.

Generally, these animals are very emotional. Cats suffer from loneliness, boredom, fear or stress. The latter is expressed in different ways: from endless licking to dispatch of need in the wrong place. Many problems of behavior are caused precisely by this subtle sensitivity, and to solve them, one must learn to look at the world through the eyes of a cat.

the eyes. Wide pupils in the animal – this is fear, less often – a strong surprise. You should not perceive, as an encroachment on your right to be the chiefly rounded eyes of a cat. She’s terrified, better leave her alone.
But narrow stripes of pupils speak of concealed aggression. An impudent cat should be turned over on his back, fixing his paws to deprive him of the opportunity to move, and look into his eyes until she looks away.
Blindfolded cat is a sign of peace and peacefulness. If your ears are laid back, then the cat is begging you. The game of “peepers” in cats – a serious test for leadership: the first who looks away, he lost. If, when you meet your eyes, your cat blinks or looks away, then it does not claim to be the most important title.

Tail in cats, like the eyes, is a mirror of the soul. Tail “trumpet” means demonstrating self-confidence and pride. The relaxed tip of the tail (tail “crochet”) means a joyous excitement, anticipation of refreshments or games. Slow swings of the tail indicate irritation, and twitching with a taut tail is a warning.

Grooming – constant licking shows that the cat is under stress. Some animals suffer so much from the nervous situation around them that rub their tongue and paws to the non-healing wounds. You must show these to the veterinarians. Less zealous cats can be offered catnip. It is sold in pet stores in the form of dry grass, which is easy to decompose into your cat’s toys. Just do not give cats valerian, if you do not want your friend to become an alcoholic.

Back wheel in cats is during sipping after a dream or a delicious lunch. But if, at the same time, her fur ruffles, her ears are pulled back and she beats her tail, this indicates anger or irritation: she did not decide whether to attack or flee. Before attack, the cat presses the ears to the head even more, and lowers the mustache.

Pulling paw forward, cats ask to be noticed: they played, fed. The stroking of the person with the paw, especially on the face and head – is a sign of affection and tenderness. Exactly the same manifestation of love – the owner’s massage paws.

The cat, who began to adopt human habits, is perfectly satisfied with life and with his masters. He is happy with you.

Evening and night wakefulness are perfectly normal for our night hunters: at this time they have a peak of activity, they need to spend energy. Therefore, it is better to play vigorously with a cat before going to bed, then it may not disturb you at night. It is important before the evening “race” to clean the cat’s tray. The intestine in cats works better at night, and in a dirty toilet such cleaners will not go.

Cats are sympathetic and grateful animals. A cat will love you, if you want it: you just need to love this four-footed wonder.

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