How to treat sciatica?

How to treat sciatica?

Today we again go to the people to find out how he gets rid of such an unpleasant illness as radiculitis.

It turns out, and on this account our people have their own special look with a squint.
As well as it is necessary to the people who are most of the time in difficult weather conditions, to him (people) the way of disposal of a radiculitis, named “Hunting” is known. So, in a glass jar with vinegar essence, we drop a cleanly washed, fresh chicken egg so that it is covered with essence. We leave him there for three days.

When the shell is completely dissolved, and the egg becomes hard-boiled, you need to remove it, remove the film from it and carefully wipe it off in a homogeneous mass. In this substance, pour 1-2 tablespoons of sunflower oil and mix everything. All the resulting mass to pour into the jar, where the vinegar essence is retained with the dissolved shell, mix everything thoroughly, pour into a vial and tightly seal with a cork. Done!

Keep this mixture of people recommend in a dark barn, shake before consumption, rub off sore spots, then, covered in a woolen shawl, climb on a warm stove, putting on a heating pad. According to the experts, the method works irreproachably.

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