How to tie a service romance correctly?

How to tie a service romance correctly?

Today we again give ourselves and soul and body reflections on the relationship between the sexes, where the soul we will put on the word, and the word, in turn, in the simple trick of how quickly and effectively tighten the romance. And now it will be a question of such a dangerous type of novel as official.

By the way, I must say that if you follow all the precautions, then in addition to the obvious results, this novel also unusually tones up and increases efficiency. At least, sociologists and psychologists say this unanimously. And here are some of the aforementioned precautions.

So, if you spun the affair with the boss, do not move away from the team. But what if everything ends in a complete fiasco? Who will support you better than colleagues? But if you have a mutual feeling with a colleague, take it as a rule not to show your emotions – this, as a rule, causes a dull irritation of older comrades. And with the comrades, as we have already said, especially with the elders, we must be friends.

Well, finally, even on the eve of the novel, think about the main thing. What will happen if the novel breaks off, and even not on your initiative? Can you continue to see each day with a once close person? Or do you have to lose everything at once – both him and work?
And therefore the main and the last advice for today. Novels can be started anywhere and with anyone, but remember: Office Romance – unpredictable in its consequences and dangerous, at its conclusion!

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