How to study in absentia?

How to study in absentia?

Today we will continue the conversation about the tricks of studying in higher educational institutions. Perhaps you are lucky, you are studying on a full-time basis, on a budgetary basis, and your dad is the owner of diamond mines in South Africa. In that case, probably, it makes sense to you to set up a fund to help poor students, and make the pope honorary president. But such lucky people in this life are a minority, and what are the rest to do? Perhaps you should think about alternative forms of higher education?

Strangely enough, in our universities there is still a practice of evening, correspondence and even distance learning. In his spare time from work. Yes, such a life is somewhat different from the carefree students of daytime departments. Perhaps you planned to spend the best years of your youth otherwise. However, life is much longer than youth, and with a certain effort, you can still make up for it, having received, in addition to education, also practical experience, reputation and, as a result, a higher position and tangible income by the time your peers finish their day care units . In addition, on-the-job training is a good option for people who are more adults who are already firmly on their feet.

If you still decide to follow the path of study combined with work, then it will not be superfluous to learn about some indulgences in the labor legislation intended specifically for you. At the time of the entrance exams, you are entitled to a two-week vacation, though at your own expense. But if you did, you can ask the employer for forty and calendar days a year for the first and second courses, and all fifty for the senior ones. And with the preservation of the average wage.

In addition, for the submission of state exams, it is possible to grant one month of leave, for the preparation of a diploma with subsequent protection – up to four months. And at the request of the student ten months before the defense of the diploma (or passing the state exams, to choose), he may be reduced to 7 hours working week. From the pleasant it can also be noted that the student aliens once a year have the right to pay by the employer of the travel to the place of the session.

Well, now back from heaven to earth. Our realities are such that a rare employer resignedly obeys all your requirements guaranteed by the current legislation. Do not start a war not for life, but for death. Perhaps it is worthwhile to look for a reasonable compromise, and the experience gained in solving such situations will be used in the future, when you yourself become the leader, and already your subordinates will come to you to shake the rights.

And all who are at a crossroads are successful!

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