How to start a stalled car?

How to start a stalled car?

Let’s talk again about the extreme cases associated with our four-wheeled horses. For example, you drove into a dark, dark forest with your beloved, beloved girl. We looked at the pines and gave (in the sense of “space”, well, the fields there are different …) and decided that it’s time to go home. And then the terrible thing happens: the engine does not start, or rather, it tries to do it, but it does not work, or it gets winded barely and then stalls.

Well, what is not an extreme situation? Meanwhile, with such symptoms in 99 cases out of 100 this engine for some reason lacks fuel. You can get out of the situation simply. Spray a little (1-2 tablespoons) of gasoline from the bottle into your intake manifold, which you will have with you. If not, then pump up the gasoline pump.

This is done so. If the carburetor engine, then you need to remove the air filter cover, beneath it you will see a few holes (they can be closed by flaps), in each of these holes (or directly on the damper) and you need to splash a portion of gasoline.
If the engine with injection, you need to remove any rubber tube from the intake manifold and pour gasoline into the hole. All if it really is a shortage of fuel in the engine – you can go.
And, of course, in order not to overshadow forest walks the next time, such a car should be chased to repair as soon as possible.

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