How to spend a day off, or Forest Fairy Tale

How to spend a day off, or Forest Fairy Tale

“I, too, found a topic” – you will think, reading the headline, – “There are so many things behind the window …”. Well, what can I say? Being an adherent of active rest, I call everyone: “Let’s conduct it actively, in nature!”.

Of course, the constant lack of sleep makes itself felt. A nerve racket at work, in public transport leads to the fact that I want to sit at home, not to see or hear anyone. The sofa becomes attractive, and the TV screen so inviting. And the weather outside the window is somehow not very … And yet, look closely: on the street the young bright green has already changed to dark green. Only yesterday the bright yellow dandelion heads were already white. Fathers! We run the risk of being late. For different things, for city bustle, we can be late for a whole summer!

Listen to me, after all we’ll go out of town. At least for one day. At least just look, watch. It is necessary to choose which transport we will go there. By train, by bus, by minibus? Again fuss, crush, spoiled in the early morning mood. No, it’s canceled. Yes, at least on a bicycle. Indeed, how did it not occur to us at once? After all, this is the most civilized, environmentally friendly means of transportation! Especially for the rest!

Now you need to choose where to go? Well, let’s think about it. Maybe near us is a park or a forest. Maybe we’re lucky, and there’s a pond nearby. Well, for example, a river. Then, of course, on the river! Favorite place for summer vacation of citizens. The beach with grass on the meadow, for sure, each of us knows such a wonderful place!

We mark the time – ten o’clock in the morning. Go! Full delight from the first meters! The sun! Speed! Road! Yes, the road … Well, really some ruts and pits, blurred for winter and spring asphalt can so easily spoil our mood? Just need to be calmer, considerate. Driving through the city sights: viaducts and bridges, we admire the creations of people’s hands. In the most dangerous areas we will transfer bicycles by hand across the road. Well, a little more, turn off the main road and finally we are in the forest!

After the asphalt, reinforced concrete bridges, dust and baked motorway the forest from the first meters seems like paradise. Its air, the spirit envelops, refreshes, soothes, heals. The smell of last year’s needles mixed with the smell of young foliage. A bird is chirping. Sunlight, entangled in the crowns of trees, does not seem so burning and scorching as on a bridge. We breathe in full, relax. No, after all, a walk, a bicycle – it’s great!

Slowly, enjoying the walk, pedaling. Around the bright new green. And already nothing: not scattered around all kinds of packaging, bags and sachets, bottles and bottles that come across to us all the way, can not spoil our mood. It’s scary to think that all this is going to be a hundred or two hundred years, maybe more …

But, it’s not too long ago, and we are already there. Here it is, our wonderful river! She has almost recovered from the spring flood. It is still fast, deep and cool. Only here and there on the meadow in low places were not deep ponds with warm water. Little frogs jump in different directions from our legs, fry, on the contrary, flock to our feet. A seagull, a real seagull, circles above us, A high in the sky hovers, spreading its wings, a big bird. Hawk? And maybe a falcon? Lord, we have already forgotten that there are such birds, forget that there is such scope and grace! The blue dome, from which flows a soft light, the sun, covered now and again with light clouds, a beautiful bright green grass carpet with white, yellow, blue flowers. Deliberately buzzing, working bees and bumblebees, fluttering butterflies, dragonflies, ants and beetles, something serious and important busy in the grass – everything lives its own life, it works, everything hides secrets and miracles.

We bathed in the cool water. Were lying in the grass, gratefully substituting for the sun different body parts that were pale for the winter.Observed the flow of water, no, I want to say more highly – contemplate the river. Eyes, ears, nose, each sometimes absorbed, filled and dissolved. Each cell felt its unity with this nature, with this magnificence. Somewhere the problems have receded. Even the most intrusive of them began to seem vanity. The entire city life with its concrete, iron and gasoline moved away from the edge of the forest. And the pines, slim and fit, seemed to be guarding our peace until the evening. Until the time has come to assemble back.

Back we were returning by train. Good all the same vehicle bike! Quietly fits in the vestibule of the train. Before leaving, they collected bottles, cans and bags, as many as could be carried away. I really wanted to do something useful as a token of gratitude for the tale.

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