How to settle abroad, or your honor, Mrs Chuzhbina!

How to settle abroad, or your honor, Mrs Chuzhbina!

Even if you are going, for long or forever, to the country of your dreams and are not disposed to yearn for home, prepare yourself for a long cultural shock. Take with you books, CDs with your favorite music and movies in your native language. And grab some things that will help you feel at home: say, a cup for you, a tablecloth, a towel. Do not forget photos of loved ones and favorite streets. Do you remember the ancient custom of taking a bag with your native land? So you will stock up on your “holy things”.

In the first days after arrival, buy a large, detailed map of the city where you will live, and hang it on your wall. This will help you navigate in a new place. Quickly find the consulate of your country and, if you have, its cultural center or a club of compatriots. No one will teach the wisdom of life in a foreign country better than your fellow countryman living in this land. Look for fellow countrymen, now they are everywhere. Even if the “foreign country” accepted you very cordially, you still can not do without a native speech, without communicating with the people of your mentality, and your national holidays should be celebrated with someone … You can find compatriots on the Internet.

Language, of course, is better to learn beforehand, even before moving. But if you do not have time, it does not matter. Being in the language environment, you will be able to communicate at a household level in two to three months. This is if you do not do specifically, do not look into the textbook or dictionary. And if with a textbook, especially with a computer training program – then speak in a month; it all depends on your zeal. Although it is best, of course, to go to local language courses for foreigners.

It is not necessary in the first days in a new place to pursue impressions, strive to explore the city, or even more so the country “volley”. So you quickly deplete your strength, both mental and physical; because the opening is tiring. Slowly – this is the key word for anyone who is accustomed to living away from home. To really get accustomed to here, we need not even months, but rather years.

If you often feel uncomfortable, restrained or suddenly suddenly starts to terrify you with absolutely everything in this strange world – the order, language, behavior of local residents – do not panic, it will pass. This is how cultural shock manifests itself; it is not easy, but it is not infinite. It is very important to understand that no one here will adapt to you. Accept this country and the way of life of its people as they are. Quiet interest, curiosity – the most winning strategy. The more you ask and remember, the sooner you will become comfortable. Try not to condemn other people’s customs, even in your thoughts (especially aloud!), Until you figure out why it was so customary.

Then, learn how to find good sides in an unfamiliar one! For example, in the Arab countries at the table they take food with their hands – and from the general dish. Well! If you were to dine with the hospitable Mohammedans, do not squeamish and upset the hosts, especially since the oriental dishes are very tasty. Perhaps, you will soon find that eating your hands is much more convenient.

By the way, about food. For many immigrants, foreign food becomes a test not of the lungs. Perhaps you will miss your home-made soups and salads, if any of the products they need are nowhere to be found. Learn to adapt foreign food to your own tastes; but even more important still love the local cuisine. At least because the products that are used by the majority of the population in a given country every day are always available and cheap. Try it, and get used to it.

Comprehending the life of another people, it is never worth “repaint” to suit the new environment. The fact that you from now on will live, say, in France or in Japan, does not mean at all that you need to turn into a Frenchman or a Japanese. This is still not possible for anyone, and why? Stay by yourself, do not be shy about your accent, do not abuse your native land anywhere, proudly speak the truth about your nationality and religion. Those who hold themselves in this way, any society will accept with respect and good interest.

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