How to search for free music and movies on the Internet?

How to search for free music and movies on the Internet?

I often hear that there is no free music on the Internet, “everything has become money.” I want to show you how to simply find free music through a regular search engine!

The Internet is a huge pile of information. To find something in it use search engines. What and how much you can find depends on both the search engine and your ability to search. In this article, let’s look at finding music and movies for personal purposes. So, let’s get started.

Our main search tool search engines . For the Russian Internet this is Yandex (, Rambler (, Google ( There are also more “small systems”, there are systems that combine the results of the searches for these three systems. I recommend using these three. If you have the right information on the Russian Internet, then you will definitely find it with these systems. Each of the “search engines” has its own ranking system, different from the others. This allows in each of the search engines to find new sites on the topic.

I prefer Yandex , so in the future we will consider searching in this system, although all of this will be true for other search engines.

Search engines have already found links to the files we need , we just need to compose a query and get an answer. Here is the query:

“parent directory mp3”

There will be many sites, because many of them use this phrase to increase attendance. Therefore, let’s update it and look for only fresh files: “parent directory mp3 jun-2006”

Voila! List of sites with music files , quite fresh. Come on each link and see what lies. Do not forget to climb daddies, go to the level above. In general, do your best to be curious and be careful. You can find here not only music, but also movies, programs, books in different formats, funny pictures and much more.

What is interesting about this search is that on such sites, as a rule, the content is selected by a specific person. Therefore, if 3 downloaded songs from one site are “metal”, then the rest of the content is likely to have the same theme.

Changing “mp3” to “avi”, “exe”, “jpg” , you can find movies, programs or pictures and much more.

Sometimes you need a specific performer or song. Then, instead of the date, type the name of the song in Latin letters, or the artist’s name. For example: “parent directory leningrad svoboda. mp3 ยป

This search gives results not always , percent at 30. But you can find whole albums and collections.

Good luck with your search . In the next article, I’ll try to tell you how to find information about your friends and competitors on the Internet.

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