How to save yourself from smog?

How to save yourself from smog?

Gray haze over the city, poor visibility even in the daytime, air with an admixture of exhaust fumes, fumes and other decay products – unfortunately, to date, this is a constant problem for most megalopolises in the world, and its name is SMOG (English from smoke – smoke and fog is fog).

If you try to look at this terrible animal more closely, you can see that SMOG is a mixture of smoke, dust, which is formed in the atmosphere of industrial cities from particles of soot, ash, products of dry distillation of fuel.

Already in the 13th century, residents of London, where coal and coal burned day and night, lamented the suffocating smell and considered it the cause of many diseases. But the term “smog” itself appeared only in 1905, after the article “Fog and Smoke” was written by Dr. Henry Antoine de Vaud.

Gradual transition of mankind from coal to hydrocarbon fuels changed the situation, and a photochemical smog appeared, which is connected, first of all, with the rapid development of the automobile industry.

It should be noted that the smog was most harmful in the warm season, especially in sunny and windless weather, because the upper layers of the air are heated and can not stop the vertical circulation of air masses.

How can townspeople avoid smog if they do not want to look indifferently at the gray veil that blocks access to oxygen, so necessary for a normal life? After all, it’s not a secret that the smog can be the cause of exacerbation of chronic diseases of the respiratory and circulatory organs, it can also damage the mucous membrane of the eyes.
The first thing that comes to mind: yes in any way … But still there are several options.

First, you can avoid the problem, that is, leave the city, move to a more environmentally friendly environment, which, of course, is not suitable for everyone.

Secondly, listen to Roshydromet, which warns about unfavorable days, when people suffering from bronchial asthma, allergic diseases and other ailments, it is better not to be in the street for too long.

Third, it is advisable not to let the smog residue – street dust – get into your home. Preventing the ingress of dust can be variously: from euro windows with air conditioning to wet gauze on open pegs.

Fourth, … do not think about this problem, repeating to yourself that living is generally harmful.

And if the problem suddenly does not let go, then hope that the number of vehicles will grow slower than our possibilities for successfully overcoming the consequences of the environmental problem, that gradually we will switch to other types of fuel that houses will not be built near highways, that powerful purifying structures and so on.

True, it may also be that very soon on the shelves of shops for sale will be sachets of fresh air next to clean water.

And yet, probably the most affordable option for residents of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other major Russian cities: to fill their lungs with oxygen on the backyard during the weekend, but only if, of course, if the saving six hundred are not near burning peat bogs.

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