How to repair the electrician on the car, or Does not shine and does not go

How to repair the electrician on the car, or Does not shine and does not go

We continue to take care of our cars with you, and today we will talk about electrotechnical matters, and more specifically about electrical problems.

And the first thing we look at is the generator. We fix this look for a reason, but because our generator flatly refused to work, and we have to go on the battery. If this breakdown occurred on the Zhiguli, then you can get out of the situation in the following way. To reduce the power consumption and, accordingly, to travel a lot, it is necessary to disconnect the excitation winding of the generator first. For what we disconnect the appropriate fuse and disconnect the wire from the lamp relay, signaling the battery charge. After such simple operations on one battery, you can drive as far as 200 kilometers.

The second trick is useful only for those whose car is not equipped with a non-contact ignition system. It will be necessary in the event that all the electrician suddenly refused, and all the appliances turned off. That is, for some mysterious reasons, the power supply stopped. You can, of course, investigate why this very pitch has ceased, but you can do it more simply by not investigating anything at all. Just throw a thick wire from the “plus” terminal to the ignition coil and start the engine with the starting handle.

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