How to relax?

How to relax?

So they came, sunny day. The vouchers and tickets have already settled firmly in the wallet, the sunscreen is bought, the friend, reluctantly, promised to feed and walk your stafford. Remained the smallest thing – to turn vacation into rest.

Summer is not the time of the year. This is a state of mind … . The truth of life is simply to sit in a deck chair, slowly sip “Cuba Libre” or, in extreme cases, “Bloody Mary” and admire the sunset. And then why do you take a laptop on vacation, connect international roaming and say goodbye to colleagues on the last day with the phrase “Well, call, if that”? In short, vacation – this is the time for which Everyday releases you. So enjoy it to the fullest. And how to do it – below.

Vacations Petrova or Vasechkina
Neighbor of the apartment in front of noon painted you the charms of a safari in Tanzania, and a friend from a nearby office advised to get acquainted with geishas from Kyoto. No, of course, you also like to wander through the woods with a gun, and even with cute girls like to talk, but … The goal of recreation is first of all rest itself, and not two albums of color photographs and six kilograms of adult male elephant tusks. If you have not raved about hunting in East Africa and have fallen asleep with the dream of a real tea ceremony, can you choose something simpler?

No problem?
There is not a single person who does not want to escape responsibility. Any. For the family, children, business, aquarium fish. And for good. Changing the situation is the best way to forget about problems, at least for a while. Is it logical? Then it is absolutely unclear why you drag your wife, children, mistress and co-workers with you on vacation. Excuses that it is more pleasant to relax in a familiar environment, do not pass. This is no longer a vacation, but a visiting session of the court, if you are a lawyer, or a shift method, if the driller is in oil wells …

In raznos
Eleven months of the year we wear strict suits, say “Yes, boss!”, “No , boss! “and spend the weekend with my mother-in-law. In short, we have a completely nightmarish existence. Vacation – and there is that time X, when we become ourselves. Walk on your hands? Meet two girls, the same age as your daughter? Remember a couple of lambada? Do not think that this kind of behavior is threatening you. But the psychological stress you remove is excellent. After a month you will again be a devoted husband, executive subordinate etc.

Last hero
During the year, each of us, except for the rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, lacks something heroic. Maybe that’s why adult uncles in expensive suits race to take the cat off the tree, throwing their leather briefcases in the mud. A vacation is an ideal opportunity to get the extreme feelings that are due to you. When you come to a new place where no one knows you, you are deprived of all the deterrent moments. When you paint with a paintball marker at a stretch, or, puffing and puffing, climb the steep slope into the sweatshirt wet from sweat, nobody will ever think that it is a sales director or a successful top manager.

Back, to nature
Not less than to show your brutal essence, having accomplished something heroic, on vacation we are drawn to nature. Most likely, it is a matter of genetic memory about those times when coming out of the caves, people just sat by the fire and looked at it. Hence our habit of getting out of town for shish kebabs over the weekend. It’s not so much in the joint eating of hot, more or less natural meat, abundantly flavored with alcohol, disinhibiting ancient instincts, but in switching to other values. The most hardened pragmatists begin to listen to the singing of birds and the rustle of wind in the crowns of trees, and city dwellers in the fifth generation dare to go barefoot three hundred meters.Such moments perfectly soothe our not very strong nerves, but is not this the main goal of the holiday?

… If you implement at least a few points of this program, you can honestly be proud of the title “Honored vacationer of the Russian Federation”. You got it rightfully.

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