How to quickly cure angina?

How to quickly cure angina?

And again about ways to get rid of autumn colds. Today, armed with a stick and wrapped up in a warmer, we, for the umpteenth time, will make our walk to the people. For, I must say that the well of the wisdom of the people is truly inexhaustible. And now we will ask the people how this he heals his people’s throat from sore throat.

I must say that to our peasant this amazing imagination came from far-off Persia. All the complexity of the methods for us dummies will be in the process of capturing a large toad, which, in fact, remains a toad, and is an excellent medicine of the nobility.

Having obtained somewhere a large toad, people usually brought it closer to the mouth and began to breathe quite often into her body (that is, she made a kind of “artificial respiration” to the animal). From this action, or from anything else, the heart of a toad began to struggle hard, and the sick with angina to the people it became easier before the eyes, easier and, finally, after 8-10 minutes it was quite easy.

According to the medicine man, man’s disease in this case goes to the toad. So it or not – we do not undertake to judge. However, according to eyewitnesses, at the end of the procedure the toad, after making two or three jumps, every time immediately sent to another world. Is an unfortunate healer taking on a dangerous disease or is it destructive to the people’s heavy breathing – the chronicle is silent about that. And one more question remains unsolvable: where in winter, when most of us are just sick with angina, you can get a saving toad? It is better not to hurt at all! What do you want.

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