How to protect an apartment from thieves, or Home without supervision

How to protect an apartment from thieves, or Home without supervision

The summer season is in full swing. But the summer season is different for the summer season. For some, this is an endless digging in the garden, and for others it’s a wonderful opportunity to shovel your apartment while you are digging in the garden or just being away.

And therefore, let us devote ourselves to cunning and protective from thieves. And the first thing to think about is where to store valuables and money, both in a weakly sheltered cottage house and in a abandoned city apartment. If you do not have a safe-deposit box or the notorious “Slavic cabinet” at home, the main thing that you’d like to advise is not to listen to anyone’s advice. All the “exclusive development” of your acquaintances is as well known to experienced thieves.

So, the most important thing! The storage of valuables should be unusual, invented by you personally and not “overheated” in detectives, so there is no way to hide advice. You can, however, go from the opposite and say with certainty where the values ​​should not be stored. Among the places where the intruder who has penetrated into the apartment searches first of all, the most popular are the following:
– a basket with dirty linen;
– a wardrobe, mattresses;
– night table, wardrobe in the bathroom;
– shoe cabinet;
– refrigerator;
– washing machine;
– microwave oven.
The list is far from complete. In other words, by “hiding” your wealth in these places, you will surely part with him (of course, in the situation when an unexpected visitor appeared in the apartment). Therefore – fantasize!

Another couple of tips. Before leaving the apartment briefly leave the lamp on. Do not leave the radio – it’s so beaten up that empty apartments can be found on the radio behind the door.

Well, the last trick of today is called alarm. If your apartment is not equipped with an alarm system, then, having a small knowledge of the electrician, you can make some kind of it. To do this, you need to remake the doorbell in such a way that it continuously yells at each opening of the door.

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