How to properly sunbathe and keep a tan?

How to properly sunbathe and keep a tan?

Summer, however, was over, leaving to the memory of someone a headache from sunstroke, to whom the rustle of the night surf and the taste of the lips of that “unique and unique”, which, however, you already forgot, and the main pride of those who visited the sun – sunburn . Yes, that’s bad luck – it is washed off to the insulting quickly.

Meanwhile, in order to keep your body longer in a swarthy state, you can resort to three proven tricks of the people’s experience. In the first case, the people advise us to wash ourselves with tea, or, if the skin is oily, wipe the face with cubes of frozen tea, which has the property of giving everything that comes into contact with a darkish shade.

The second trick is not far from tea and is coffee. Its essence is to do a face cleaning with coffee grounds. Well, and in conclusion of any washing, whether it is tea or coffee, it is necessary to apply a moisturizing cream on the skin.

Well-moisturized skin is less shelled and better holds cells filled with melanin. And in general, do not be afraid to rub yourself with a washcloth more often. More than expected, do not erase, but the dirt and unevenly shedding body you obviously will not decorate. Well, and if all of the above methods do not give the desired result and tanning inevitably comes off, then you can only advise – go to the solarium.

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