How to properly equip our house? (The Sight of a Wise Chinese)

How to properly equip our house? (The Sight of a Wise Chinese)

“Feng Shui” literally means “wind and water”. In China, very long ago, just over two thousand years ago, this art of harmonious life with the world around us was born. Feng Shui is directly connected with the transformation of his home into a source of comfort, health and all-round prosperity.
If you look through the principles of feng shui, the house is a powerful reservoir of a variety of energy, filling its tenants, of the same quality as it is rich. Any violation of the integrity of your home indicates that its energy is deteriorating.

In this article, we will talk about identifying the various zones that are responsible for certain states of our house (apartment) and activating them.
In Feng Shui there are two main schools: the School of Forms and the School of the Compass. According to the first, attention is paid primarily to the geographical location of the landscape and the construction of housing, taking into account these provisions. According to the second, there are five elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Every person, living thing or object relates to one of these elements. Using a special table, you can determine which element it belongs to (to determine your element, contact me by E-mail), knowledge of your element helps you to organize your life and environment accordingly.

In accordance with the Compass School in Feng Shui, at first with the help of a compass the sides of the light of your house (apartment) are determined. And then on the plan of the apartment a symbolic grid of nine equal rectangles of 3 × 3 is superimposed. These rectangles:

South-east – wealth (Tree)
South – glory (Fire)
Southwest – marriage (Earth)
East – family (Tree)
Center – health
West – children (Metal)
North- east – knowledge (Earth)
North – career (Water)
Northwest – help, travel (Metal)

Once you have identified the different zones in your home, you can convert these same zones.
The wealth zone is responsible for your prosperity and the flow of money into the house. This zone is activated by means of crystals that can be suspended to the ceiling or placed on shelves, houseplants and metal (Chinese) coins.
The glory zone is the south that is responsible for your position in society, the Activation tool is an element related to fire, as well as diplomas, your rewards and various subjects of recognition of your position in society. You can place here peacock feathers or images of a soaring eagle.
The marriage zone is south-west. Its activation will have a positive impact on the relationship between the spouses. If you are lonely and want to find a life partner or improve mutual understanding in marriage, then the objects of activation will be images of beautiful and happy couples, and also arrange in the corner a pair of red candles that can be seen in restaurants at a romantic dinner.
The family zone is located in the east, this corner is a symbol of people close to you. Improvement of this zone should be done with the help of family photos, place here items related to loved ones, it is also recommended to place a house plant.
Children’s zone is the western part of the apartment. If you have a generation problem, then put here the subject that precedes the element of your child. In the absence of children, intensify the lighting and arrange the crystals.
The zone of knowledge, as we know, is located in the northeast. It would be nice to place here a working room for scientific work or a desk for mental activity, a bookshelf. Improve this zone can be a crystal or a globe, because the element of this angle is the earth.
The career zone is located in the north of the house. Activate this zone when you are thinking of moving up the corporate ladder or want to improve your business. Here is a great place for a phone, fax or computer. And you can also arrange the TV.
The area of ​​assistance and travel is in the north-western part of the house.This zone is responsible for unexpected and unforeseen receipts of money or assistance, and it is also responsible for your travels and movements. Here it is necessary to arrange metal bells to activate. Arrange photos or images of those countries where you want to go on a trip.
In the health zone that is in the center of your house (apartment), arrange a spiritual center, hang a crystal chandelier and take care of the good lighting of this place.

I think changes in your home with these recommendations will bring you the desired results and will add to your happiness and well-being.

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