How to properly equip an entrance hall and kitchen? (The Sight of a Wise Chinese)

How to properly equip an entrance hall and kitchen? (The Sight of a Wise Chinese)

The hallway is what the incoming person faces first, which means that the door to the apartment or house should be appropriate to our desires and aspirations. Feng Shui recommends that the entrance to the dwelling outside be illuminated, there are no foreign objects that interfere with the passage. The door itself should be a light tone, reliable (meaning the state of locks and loops). In general, in the east it is said that the entrance to the house reflects our view of the world.

In the hallway there should be no foreign objects and unnecessary furniture, a bright, spacious and clean room is a sign of good feng shui. It is not recommended to place a mirror in front of the entrance door, which reflects the entrance door itself. It is said that the success and prosperity that come to the house go back through the reflections.

The hallway should be attractive and comfortable, light colors of the painting or wallpaper – this is a good sign. The location of a cozy coat rack, vases with flowers (can be artificial) and the presence of a statue of a three-legged toad with a Chinese coin in your mouth (put your head in the direction of the entrance) will multiply the success and harmony in your home.
You can hang the peacock feathers or the symbolic wheel of fortune from the inside to the entrance door (if you want to know more about this, contact me by E-mail). This will enhance the influx of positive energy into your home. It is necessary to activate the corner in the hallway, which is responsible for a certain zone (zone of glory, a zone of children, a wealth zone , etc.) in the house. The definition of the zone is carried out by imposing a grid on the plan of the dwelling with the help of a compass, I already told about it in the article “How to properly equip the house?”.

How to properly equip the kitchen?

Feng Shui is directly connected with the transformation of its hearth into a source of comfort, health and all well-being.
Disorder, dust, dirt, unwashed dishes emit negative energy. Cleanliness, however trivial, is, in fact, a guarantee of health.
Interior items with more or less sharp corners and ribs, are not conducive to creating a favorable home environment. But round and oval forms – on the contrary, attract positive energy.

The main rule: the elements of fire (stove) and water (washing, washing or dishwasher) must be necessarily separated from each other. You can put a bedside table between them. Otherwise, the discord in the family is threatening.
An empty refrigerator can take your luck off your home. Your relationship in the family is also influenced by the shape of the dining table. If it is round or oval – it’s good, but square or rectangular contribute to disagreements.
A very important component in feng shui when cooking in the kitchen is the state of consciousness and mood of a person. If we focus on happiness, success and wealth, we think about good, then our food will be respectively excellent and positively “charged.”

In the end, applying knowledge of feng shui will bring positive changes not only in the kitchen, but in your entire life, and will help to realize your higher destiny and all this will happen smoothly, gently and gradually.

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