How to properly build job interviews, or A good legend – the success of employment

How to properly build job interviews, or A good legend – the success of employment

We continue our laborious hunt for the employer. In addition to a brief summary and a cover letter, of which we have already discussed writing and somehow we will talk, we will need to compose a “legend”. By this espionage term we mean a short story that answers the standard questions of the employer.

The fact is that, despite personal predilections of the “work of the givers,” the topics that interest them, especially the variety, usually do not differ. Therefore, you can and should be prepared.

So, let’s get down to question number one: “Why did you leave your previous job?” The employer asks us with the obvious implication “If you are so smart, why do you sit without work?” There is no need to explain what to answer it It is necessary that you are characterized with the best of it.

This, however, does not mean that you should lie. And at all even not because your potential leader or his security service will immediately rush to check the reliability of your words. Probably not. But, as it is banal, all the secret has very great chances to become explicit. And your good name is much more expensive than it might seem at first glance.

But if you can not lie, then you can modestly keep silent about something. Well, finally, you never need to talk about “a foolish boss who does not understand anything in technology” – note that most bosses subconsciously can attribute this to their own account.

It is necessary to tell convincingly enough – why you were left without work. Here you should know that you can get into the unemployed in two ways: you quit and you were fired. All the rest (the company went broke and so on) is the third way.

For you it is optimal (unless, of course, you are looking for a manager’s job) the third way, what is called “force majeure”. In the first two cases, you have to work hard and get enough reasoned and convincing answers.

It is quite a good reason here can be – if the employer for some time did not fulfill its obligations, for example, did not pay a salary or pay less than promised.

Continuation of the topic in the next issue.

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