How to preserve youth, or Elixir of longevity. We have no fraud …

How to preserve youth, or Elixir of longevity. We have no fraud …

We continue our inquisitive walking to the people. And today the people will open a recipe for us, whose age reaches almost five hundred years. It is called “Elixir of Youth”, or “Remedy for shortness of breath.” In general, I must say, five hundred years – a time that obliges us to take this recommendation with due respect and uncomplaining confidence.

To prepare the juices mixture, we need 1 pound of garlic (about 400 grams). If asked in the store, why do you need a pound of garlic, and say: for the juicy mixture. And then buy 24 lemons, as they will become the second ingredient of our brew. Now you need to grind the garlic, and squeeze 24 lemon into the ground garlic. The resulting composition must be poured into a wide-necked can and leave to be infused for 24 days.

The hardest thing, as the people say, is to drink all this nastiness. However, if you decide to be young without joking, you’ll have to drink. To do this, every day, before going to bed, scoop up one teaspoon and, falling asleep on the stove, feel the youth spreading over our loins. In the end, I will make a reservation that the ironic tone of the narrative does not detract from the merits of the above-mentioned drug, which is an excellent prevention of colds, respiratory diseases and many other unpleasant ills.

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