How to prepare a first-grader by September 1?

How to prepare a first-grader by September 1?

Until September 1, there is not much time left – just a little bit, and your baby will become a first-grader, entering a new era of his life. How can we help a small future student prepare for this life so that the first week of September does not turn him away from school and from school?

The first question that worries all parents: what kind of knowledge should a child have when entering the school. The necessary minimum is the knowledge of letters and numbers, the ability to read simple syllables and disyllabic words ( “mom” is the minimum, “fish” – aerobatics), solve the simplest tasks for addition-subtraction ( “Mama baked five patties, three you ate, how much is left “), reinforcing the solution of these problems with action with chopsticks. And more is not necessary!

Much more important psychological and physical readiness for school . It is necessary that the child wants to go to school. And he must realize that the school is not a continuation of the kindergarten. He must want to learn ! Therefore, in discussions about the future, it is important to emphasize the learning factor: “You learn a lot, learn to read / count / write quickly / accurately / beautifully! While the question “What will you do in school?” The child responds: “Play with the guys” – he is not ready for training!

What can attentive parents do to help their children prepare for the school year?

Play with him to school. Let the toys go to study, sit down for improvised desks, and clever Pinocchio will become their teacher. In the game you will be able to explain the basic school rules: how to sit at the desk, how to answer at the lesson, how to ask to go to the toilet (this is important!), What to do at the break. Surely you are engaged in preparing for school – reading, writing, painting. So include this training in the game about the school. Fifteen-minute lessons will alternate with five-minute changes.

It’s time to allocate a work space for your first-form classes. He needs a personal desk with good lighting and a desk lamp. Also need a place for textbooks and books. Let the child know that there must be order on the table, and only he is responsible for this order.

If for the summer your child went to his grandmother, to the country, to the sea, it would be better if in the middle of August he already returns home. It is important to switch to school day mode at least a few days before the beginning of this academic year. Raise the child at a time when he will rise for a year, feed him breakfast and go for a walk to school. Study route – it’s important for the child so that he knows the way home, and for you. You will calculate how long your road will take. In addition, if you know that you will not be able to take or take away your student, you will have the opportunity to rehearse your child’s independent walking along the home-school route. Be sure to pay attention to behavior on the street, traffic rules!

It would be nice to introduce the child to his teacher . In the twentieth of August teachers-first-graders usually already leave vacations. Then on the first of September in the sea of ​​new faces your child will unmistakably allocate his second mother.

Prepare clothes in which your baby will go to school. Let him practice dressing-undressing himself. Especially it concerns shoes and shifts. Begin to teach that the clothes and briefcase the child has been cooking since evening.

At the parents’ meeting, you have probably already been told what exactly you need to buy for the school year – each school has its own requirements. Somewhere they are bought centrally, and parents only give money. Somewhere they give out a list, and each family buys a necessary for their first-grader. I will give only a general list of educational supplies that the first-grader will need.

• Briefcase or knapsack;
• Pencil case;
• Notebooks of 12 sheets, in a cage and in a narrow ruler – 10 pieces;
• Covers for notebooks;
• Handles blue, green – 4 pieces each;
• Pencils simple, soft – 5 pieces;
• Color pencils – 1 set of 12 colors;
• Pencil sharpener – 2 pieces;
• Eraser – 4 pieces;
• Diary and cover for him;
• Counting set (you can make it yourself – several matchboxes are glued together in a row, each one is stacked with circles cut from colored cardboard, triangles, squares , etc. 10 pieces each);
• Album for drawing – 2 pieces;
• Watercolor – 1 set of 6 colors;
• Gouache – 1 set of 6 colors, mandatory with white and black;
• Squirrel brush No. 4 – 2 pieces;
• Scissors for children’s creativity (with rounded ends);
• Pencil glue and PVA glue;
• Color paper – 1 set;
• Color cardboard – 1 set;
• Book stand;
• Stand for pens and pencils (for a home desk);
• Straight line and triangle;
• Compasses;
• Notepad for entries;
• Folder for notebooks.

Teach your almost first-grader to put things in a portfolio, open-close it, and also – how to wear it.

Do not forget about physical activity . Maybe it’s time to put in your morning a joint charge. And for you it is useful, and the child will develop healthy habits for life! Walk more together. At the same time, look for sports sections in the district that your child will be able to attend during the school year. This should not be a serious sports preparation – only a means for rest and relaxation. It makes sense to visit a doctor – therapist and dentist. Then there will be no time, no strength, no desire.

And most importantly, accustom a child to independence . Let him prepare breakfast for the whole family (at the same time you will teach him the recipes of the simplest dishes). And in the afternoon, when you play in school, do not forget about the homework that your playing pupil will perform after a snack. Let it be the simplest tasks, like drawing a house. It is important that he will do it himself, giving time and energy only to this task.

In the last days of August, arrange a holiday. Go with the child to the zoo, the theater, the park – mark the beginning of a new, school life, say goodbye to the kindergarten past. The last days before the school should give an excellent start to a new life. After all, when the first euphoria of change takes place and labor days begin, it is important for the child not to lose his enthusiasm, his desire to study and go to school.

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