How to make money, or Want money – love them!

How to make money, or Want money – love them!

Do you love money? I’ll tell you a simple thing. He who loves something in reality and really, that always has it. Remember how a real man seeks a woman, or how you bought the first car (if you bought). You got what you want. And if your feelings were really strong, you could deny yourself the rest, for you there was no barrier in achieving what you really wanted. Your insistence at such moments could envy anyone.

If you experienced anything like this in your life, you were lucky: you know this acute sense of success, you touched it with the subtle strings of your soul and, therefore, you can achieve everything that you can imagine. If you want, you can get a lot of money. Even a safe money … no – a whole car!

You just need to understand your thoughts about money – why do you still do not like them (and if you do not have enough of them – you do not like them), and for what you can love them. It is necessary to take a new approach to them, to look on the other side. The fact is that the love of painted pieces of paper is not the love that we are now talking about. As Francis Bacon said: “Money is a good servant, but a bad master.” And if you think about money a lot, they will never be.

The main problem of Russian business and one of the main reasons for its failures is the lack of desire to set other goals for itself than enrichment. Indirect proof of this is how quickly the financial sector, which has been developing rapidly in Russia, collapsed a few years ago in August 1998. We must allow ourselves to dream and fantasize. Only then will the money flow the river. Set tasks not to “cut down cabbage in a fast way,” but to raise the professional level, come up with something original, giving a new breath to your work or your business.

Remember, finally, about the enthusiasm with which in the pioneer years they were looking for the flag of the “conventional adversary” in the game “Zarnitsa”. It is the desire to work, and not the desire to get rich, that gives rise to tycoons and industrial kings! Of course, the desire for enrichment may be present, but by the way, as they say, it is hidden. And, finally, try to constantly feel rich, educate the “monetary” consciousness. Just always tell yourself that I have enough money, and I do not need anything. Convince yourself of this, and reality will begin to change for the better.

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