How to make a whistle from an apricot stone, or Neighbors, hang!

How to make a whistle from an apricot stone, or Neighbors, hang!

So, the very dawn of country-garden tricks has come. Many of us, going to the cottage, have already brought shovels, vodka and children there. With the application of the first and second everything seems to be clear, but what to do with the third? Children are usually taken to occupy, that’s just what. Today we will talk about this.
So, entertain your child. Before you make this toy, think carefully. She’s not harmful, not dangerous, she’s … noisy.

We take an ordinary bone from a garden apricot. The bigger the stone, the better. The apricot is like a thick flounder, right? On one side, it has a sharp comb, and the other side is smooth. That’s it we need! More precisely, it is not needed, because it is this that must be cut down. Parallel to the longitudinal axis, we rub the smooth side of the bone with a file, emery … It is even easier to take the stone with two fingers, press it against the rough wall of the house and walk along it – a quarter of the stone as it has never happened! But we do not need that much. Therefore, we follow. We just need to wipe the hole up to the pulp. Correctly wiped out the hole should be narrow enough and not more than 4-6 mm in length.
Further through this hole it is necessary to pick out the entire seed without residue. You can reward yourself for work and eat everything that was extracted from the inside, washed down with vodka, which was previously opened with a shovel (as you were prudent, taking these useful items!).

And now, when the stone is empty, we try to whistle it. Any sharp end of the bone is taken to the lips so that the hole “looks” to the left or to the right, and the cut (or longitudinal axis) is perpendicular to the lips. Blow, pushing (or pushing) in the mouth a bone. Experimentally we find that its position, in which whistling will be maximum shrill, and blowing – the minimum. The goal is almost reached.

Teach your child. Give him more bones – let him work. However, if you do not mind, you can give bones directly with apricots. Then you solve the problem of feeding a child. Be prepared for the fact that the beloved child whistles will be stored in your mouth, not in your pocket. Its so nice to suck. Imagine only that everyone should have their own personal nipple-bone-whistle. About the microbes heard? That’s good.

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